Gillian Schutte
Gillian Schutte

Dear White People

I have decided to start the New Year with a letter to you all. It is a letter that implores you to wake up and smell Africa with a fresh white nose.

Before you get angry and defensive, think of this letter as a crash course survival kit for navigating a new reality, and please be assured that if you take heed of the call in this letter your life will change in miraculous ways. Once the blinkers are off the world is a much more colourful and celebratory place to engage in.

Let me begin by wholeheartedly apologising for what my ancestors did to the people of South Africa and inviting you to do the same. I reject their legacy as much as is possible and, as you already know, have made it a life mission to deconstruct the phallocentric white view of ”white as right” and the misguided precept that white is central to all reality.

I reject the discourse of white domination but I acknowledge that I was brought up in this construct. Though my single-mother household was never economically privileged we were privileged by virtue of our skin colour and my mother was given assistance by the state that a woman of colour was denied.

I call on white people to reflect on what it means to be born into unearned privilege, to excavate our long history of racist exploitation and assumed superiority — to acknowledge that this is what we were taught and then to reject it wholly.

I call on white people to acknowledge that whiteness has become invisible to us and we no longer recognise it for a discourse that perpetuates the dehumanisation of black people in ways so subtle that they appear normal.

I call on white people to admit that the rainbow nation is a myth and until we truly are able to recognise the humanity of all people we cannot claim to be post-racist.

I call on white people to acknowledge how white supremacy continues to play out in the media — in representations of blackness — in the constant accusation that black people are racist when they speak their truth.

I call on white people to recognise the black-bashing trend of our media, which is largely white owned, and to put an end to this dehumanising and destructive infantile idiocy.

I call on white people to recognise that by jumping in on national debates that do not concern them they are usurping a platform for authentic black voices to air their grievances about our leadership. You may have noticed that the black voices we need and want to hear choose to disengage because they are skaam to share the podium with a lot of cacophonic white outrage about the same topic but from a white racist perspective.

White people please just shut up for once and listen. Not everything is about white people being accused of racism. Sometimes it is about the black middle class and whether or not they have adopted vile white practices.

I implore you, white people, to listen to black voices calmly and not to react defensively to every outrage a black voice presents.

I call on white people to accept that they are not the only race that is entitled to rage, to hurt, to pain, to anger.

I call on white people, to recognise that they fear the emotions of black people — that it is this fear that makes them shut down black voices and defend themselves from the suggestion that they are complicit in the continued oppression of black people.

I call on white people to recognise that we have all been taught (in varying degrees) that black people do not have the same emotions and psychology as us and that this fallacy is built upon the double-edged sword of domination and fear. To dehumanise a people is to exploit them with no guilt. To recognise their collective pain is to admit the guilt thereby see the humanity.

I call on white people to recognise how whiteness has unconsciously used blackness as a conduit for its own darkness and unacknowledged savagery.

I implore white people to get over their fear that black people are out to slaughter them in a wholesale genocide of revenge. It has not happened yet and there is so much evidence that it will never happen in a country that has built its economic policy on global standards that favour whiteness and rely on the middle class as a buffer zone between the people on the ground and the elite corporate and political class. Just get over yourselves. White people of middle class are still safer than people living in townships.

I call on white people to work on a strategy to lessen the growing gap between rich and poor because, white people, it is the poor who are really suffering in this country and it is the poor who are the wretched fall-out from a more than 360-year history of white domination, slavery, subjugation and theft of livelihood.

I call on white people to understand that poverty and unemployment are social conditions. By renaming them ”laziness”, ”lack of ambition” and ”stupidity” you are furthering your own illogical delusions that whiteness has nothing to do with the untenable conditions that most black people are forced to live in. These are not inherent traits of being black, as many of you are fond of saying. These are the social consequences of a brutal colonial history and current globalisation — coupled with weak anti-the-poor leadership.

And please white people, when you feel compelled to criticise Zuma, as we all do, please ensure that you are critiquing him for his favouring of white corporates and the white middle class over poverty issues — for his pro-capitalist stance and his failure to deliver to the poor — for his patriarchal utterances that threaten to usurp women’s rights — rather than obsessing over his penis, his wives, his second-language command of English and using him as a scapegoat for all your fears and negative unconscious stereotypes about all black folk.

Oh and one more thing … asseblief white people, from well-meaning liberals to white supremacists — just stop telling everyone who is not white how to behave, what to think and when to say what. By trying to control the public agenda you are participating in your own imagined oppression and avoiding the possibility that we are all human and can co-exist very nicely.

Be grateful that you are still welcome in a land that was stolen.

And stop bitching and telling black people to get over their history. Goddammit — if those things had happened to white people there would be an entire world domination film industry built upon the “legitimised suffering of white people” so why will you not understand that colonialism was a holocaust of epic proportions and it will take many, many more decades for the pain to subside.

Instead of defending your privileges by denying them and nursing your guilt through misguided outrage — why not get your hands dirty while helping to restore this country to a space of dignity and respect for all.

Try now to reconsider the possibility of the healing potential of apologising collectively and genuinely for the wrongs our history has perpetrated against the indigenous people of this land.

Oh ja … and white people, please try not to respond negatively and vilely to my letter because I will never stop pleading with you to get over yourselves and get with the current programme. It is as easy as the blink of an eye.

Yours sincerely,

Settler Sister

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    • totius 54

      well you can delete my posts but the fact is that South Africa needs the innovative entrepreneurial skills whites have brought with them . Look at the rest of africa , the only glimmer of hope is South Africa and we need 6 million entrepreneurs and sadly the most successful once are white.

      Denial will not create sustainable job.

    • Dumza

      I had tears in my eyes reading this letter. She is correct. Her attitudes takes this country forward. No talk, I have a programme to conduct in SA townships, I am black and we can proove to the sceptics, we can fix the mess of apartheid. Well done Settler Sister!!!! Weldone!!!

    • http://Telkom andri

      I must say I read your article with disgrace and wonder what you try to accomplice, for sure no one give really a damn what you think. Racism is no longer part of any South African’s life only people like you think that they can maybe make a difference. We all living life black or white we all knowing what is going on, please wake up and see around you. Crime is part of our life because people like you sit around and try to debate about life get off your bum and start really to make a difference by trying to prevent crime and not blame the white people for everything. No Black person will give you a medal

    • Jj

      @STEPHEN S #. A single voice of reason Thankyou

    • solly

      Hi Gillian

      You never dissappoint with your thoughts. Some of us mingle with this kind of white people on a daily basis and it’s funny how some of our black folk have also adopted to this “white way of thinking”. For instance it is fascinating how some black folk do not see the wrongness of the way the white controlled media is insensitve when attacking Zuma. That’s why you still have follower in me.

    • Kreef

      @ayanda Duma , I also stay in Gonubie and I am astounded by your lies . Why do you not tell readers that black parents refuse to pay school fees , never participate in fund raising or any extramural activities etc. Also tell them that black parents fail to vote on important issues . Also tell them there are no literature available for teaching Xhosa . Also tell them that as allways you use the old worn out race card when you do not get your way .

    • ntozakhona

      Lennon I specified the location of the forest to drive the truth home.

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    • Isaac

      “I tell sincere white people, ‘Work in conjunction with us- each of us working among our own kind.’ Let sincere white individuals find all other white people they can who feel as they do- and let them form their own all-white groups, to work trying to convert other white people who are thinking and acting so racist. Let sincere whites go and teach non-violence to white people!

      We will completely respect our white co-workers. They will deserve every credit. We will give them every credit. We will meanwhile be working among our own kind, in our own black communities- showing and teaching black men in ways that only other black men can- that the black man has got to help himself. Working separately, the sincere white people and sincere black people actually will be working together.

      In our mutual sincerity we might be able to show a road to the salvation of America’s very soul.”

      ― Malcolm X

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    • Phakamani Sikhosana

      This is a good technique to throw a challenge for attracting one’s attention for your thoughts to be considered,dear whites is a call to a conflict of ideas between the two blacks and the whites as it comes soon after the mangaung conference,well i would like to state it clear that if you are able to distinguish what is good and what is bad you don’t have to give yourself a headache this is a disgusting,segregatory,undermining utterance to the blacks.Gillian Schutte claim to be a roll model to our people with an aim of brainwashing them in order to persuade her motive of bieng a politician!

    • Justin

      I have decided to start the New Year with a letter to you all. It is a letter that implores you to wake up and smell Africa with a fresh Black nose.
      Before you get angry and defensive, think of this letter as a crash course survival kit for navigating a new reality, and please be assured that if you take heed of the call in this letter your life will change in miraculous ways. Once the blinkers are off the world is a much more colourful and celebratory place to engage in.
      Let me begin by wholeheartedly apologising for what my ancestors did to the people of South Africa and inviting you to do the same. I reject their legacy as much as is possible and, as you already know, have made it a life mission to deconstruct the phallocentric Black view of ”Black as right” and the misguided precept that Black is central to all reality.
      I reject the discourse of Black domination but I acknowledge that I was brought up in this construct. Though my single-mother household was never economically privileged we were privileged by virtue of our skin colour and my mother was given assistance by the state that a woman of colour was denied.
      I call on Black people to reflect on what it means to be born into unearned privilege, to excavate our long history of racist exploitation and assumed superiority — to acknowledge that this is what we were taught and then to reject it wholly.
      I call on Black people to acknowledge that Blackness has become invisible to us and we no longer recognise it for…

    • Ajaxed

      For those peeking past this cheap rhetoric there’s a real danger on the horizon, one that will echo in the valleys of our country for thousands of years to come.

      Dear black South Africans, forget about the whiteys, your own freedom heroes are plundering and mismanaging your birthright.

      The summary of almost 20 years of empowered rule spells FAIL. Failed education, failed empowerment, failed municipal management the list goes on and on.

      We all have struggles, and regret things in our past, but we cannot be our struggles, and we cannot be our past and only we have the power to shape our future.

      Join Desmond Tutu’s when he cries “who in their right minds could have approved the expenditure of more than R200m in an area, where there is squalor and poverty”.

      He does that for the future of your children and so should you.

      The future is your oyster, it’s in your control, don’t let it be stolen from you.

    • Lucky Ntuli

      On behalf of all those that paid the ultimate sacrifice, from all backgrounds and economic spheres, the likes that you will never know who died from all sides in Angola, Pretoria central prison in their youth. The likes of Solomon Mahlangu, Ruth First, the Slabberts, the Sheins who amongst many hosted teens after detention and definitely not the African Nationalists that I hope give you your space on the feeding trough at our tax payer expense, nogal.

      On behalf of all civilized ZA citizens that find this repugnant post and wonder why?

      I say to you, as a certain SB LT from Protea Security stating, in SOWETO would say to me many times during my detentions under the Security Act, “nou praat jy kak”.

      TL may not post this but on behalf of Mrs. Shein’s dignity, et al, I am offended immensely and I am sorry for not following your advice. I could not however let this go as is.

      Lucky Ntuli

    • Emigre’

      Dear Gillian,

      Having got that confession off your chest i hope you feel unburdened from your racist past and having probably had a history of white privilege during apartheid. Get over your white guilt!

      My Afrikaner grandfather who fought in both world wars wept for our country which was brutelised and pillaged by a small fascist minority who plundered SA in the name of all whites.

      I never was a Nat or verkrampt and fought for freedom from high school first as a young prog and then an activist and ANC member at University. I am proud of what white people contributed to the struggle against an Afrikaner elite (who still control the pursestrings of the ANC.)

      Your meally mouthed confessions disgust me because now that you people are out of power you would drown us all in your white racist guilt.

      20 years of freedom have shown that every revolution is a betrayed revolution and that those who oppress now in the name of the previously Black oppressed ( as did your Afrikaner racist family) only do so to plunder with impunity for a small cabal of cadres and their reactionary cohorts in high places both at home and abroad.

      That should be the focus of the next campaign of those hoping to free South Africa from opprsssion. Not finding smug sanctury in meally mouthed confessions of racists.

      South africa is more racist today then it ever was under Apartheid. And whites will become the black sheep scape goats of the looting cohort unless we get the balls to say…

    • Francois

      All i want to say to you is that you have not studied the Afrikaner history. Poor whites, not allowed to be taught in their own langauge. Killed by their thousands in concentration camps (women and children). Farms burnt to the ground. Do you want me to carry on.
      The Afrikaners have never received any compensation or “BEE” for what was done to them. Just got off their butts and worked.
      I agree that apartheid was wrong etc, but the present government are now punishing the sons for the sins of the fathers and grandfathers. For how long. In the long run it may cost them too much.

    • http://twitter Valery

      Big up girl we all hear you great strong words yet true

    • Warren

      I fail to see what good this letter was intended to achieve.

      I read the letter with consideration; every word. I’m a young white South African who is open to the thoughts and ideas of others, and to a lesser extent I am open to change and correction. As I read the letter with its all-important tone and manner of presentation, I found myself closing off to the writer, under the barrage of harshly worded statements. Yet I continued reading in the hope that some sort of meaningful exortation would be presented, that would break away from the negative tone of the letter addressed to me. I found none.

      So I found myself asking: ‘If this letter fails to impact on an open minded young white person, how on earth did it possibly seek to meaningfully alter entrenched perspectives of the real white racists, of which there are many?’.

      The only question that I am really challenged with relates to the writer’s hidden motives behind the writing of this letter. I honestly believe that an inconspicuous agenda is at play here…

    • ntozakhona

      Phakamani Skhosana maybe it would have sharpened your contribution if you had read Gillian’s profile before projecting into her’. We need to move from politics of slander and rumuor to a discourse of real issues underpinned by theory and praxis.

      Those who agree with Gillian that the ANC ( as symbolised by Zuma) is pandering to capilaists should perhaps provide thoughts on how, moving forward, do we deal with what Gillian conceded to be a world economy skewed in favour of whiteness. We know what capitalists are capable of if you act without properly reading the balance of forces and executing well thought out manouvres. I cited BRICS membership as a strategic manouvre, what do you have in mind?

    • ntozakhona

      totius 54 do not worry your post will not be deleted it accords with the thinking that informs the dominant discourse, In any case it can never be an offence to be a fool.


      The lone voice of reason, that is Settler Sister. For the first time I am beginning to feel that there white people, as represented by Settler Sister, that are aware of why Black South Africans are how they are. I am at the same time dissapointed about negative responses to her twitts which is an indication that their successes which were mainly the-then government supported have completely blinded them of realities and the dangers thereof to creating a better South Africa. Apart from what Settler Sister alluded to, they seem not to be aware how important a family unit is to building a strong and prosperous nation which the colonialists ensured it disintergrates among Black families to reach their ends. This has been recycled for more than 360 years thus producing the type of the majoirty Blacks today that cause difficulty in turning things around in the country. I hope Sister that you have opened the eyes of many and will beginning to see things differently for the sake of us all.

    • Stan

      I think you woke up on the wrong side of the bed! Actually you should substitute the word ‘Black’ for ‘White’ in your rhetoric. Your sensationalist view point is quite sad given the current state of the nation and its leadership.

      Yes, agreed the Whites have a lot to answer for but we are here trying to make things work whilst your letter only serves to fuel the flames of racism.

      If you think that just by blinking everything will suddenly be right you need to take another look. By pushing the whites away you make this a poorer nation!

    • Alna Dall

      I want to translate this into Afrikaans – I hope Gillian reads this. This is something that every “white” Afrikaans Namibian should hear but perhaps in layman terms.

    • Debbie

      Instead of sitting on your high horse preaching
      and creating reverse racism and further apartheid
      rather go out there and physically make a difference
      to empower communities that need it.
      Actions speak louder than words.
      Put the hatred behind you it is not constructive.

    • Theo.X

      Sentiments will not help…open your eyes and see where the country is going and its not whiteys running it. Pretty soon when theres nothing left to tax we will become victims of a dictatorship….Honest God fearing leaders are required then and only then will we have leaders who inspire good citizens…

      Sometimes we need to take the blindfold of sentiment off and stare truth in the eyes,we might scare ourselves by what we see.

    • The gods must be crazy

      In a nutshell the San were first by a looooong way, then various nguni settlers (overland) and caucasians (over sea). All too complicated to unravel and the world standard and South African law gives equal status to all citizens. Full stop. The challenge South Africans is not to sell the farm or mortgage it up to outside interests who will then control the country’s agenda economically. Especially if the borrowing is for imported consumer goods that are headed for landfill after sharply decreasing in value. That stupidity is completely colour-blind.

    • Pierre

      Well, as “solly” above reflected just “thoughts”! – Secular and subjective, in essence a Lemming!

      Dear Gillian – I am White, I am a Believer and yes I was born in South Africa. I did not have a choice on the first part “being white” – that was not my choice, I have had also no say in where I was born. To be blunt, frank, to the point your letter’s introduction should have read “Dear South African”. I however do have a choice to believe that:

      1) Galatians 3:11: But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God, it is evident: for, The just shall live by faith.2) Rom 14: 23. “…for whatsoever is not of faith is sin” 2) In my eyes there is no colour – as I chose to treat all people as equals. Your letter however renders the subjective decision that because I am white I am associated with all the things you tag on “the White People”.

      One Question Gillian; Are you a Believer?
      “…every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world.” 1 John 4:3 (So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” Revelation 12:9)
      ” . . and this is that spirit of Antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.” (1 John 4:3b).
      ALL will be…

    • Francois

      I was born in 1975 and were raised anti-racist. My parents refused to be part of appartheid and I matriculated ‘colour-blind’ in 1994. But since then, since the new South Africa, our whole view changed in such a way that you will not understand. If I get the chance, I will most definitely immigrate.
      All I can say is wake up and stop writing junk like you did here. I can guarantee you that your whole outlook on our lovely SA will change drastically if you become one of the crime statistics like we have.

    • Ozoneblue


      I enjoy your comments and agree with you regarding the role that White liberals play in perpetuating the subjugation of Africa, however in a much more subtle manner.

      It is time for Black people to stop blaming the White minority as a useful scape-goat for everything that is wrong and to take full responsibility for governing this country now, rather embrace those Whites who through hard work, dedication and paying their taxes have shown where their allegiance lies. Having a job, especially a government one is not a racial entitlement or a ticket to self-enrichment, it confers on you a duty in service of your people and your country. Similarly, democracy confers on the electorate a patriotic duty to elect a government that is responsible and selflessly serves the interest of the people. It is not the Whites that elects the same corrupt leaders over and over again. It is not the Whites who decided to spend R40 billion on a corrupt arms deal instead of education and social development. It is not the Whites who appointed Jackie Selebi a friend of the Mafia as Police Commissioner and then we all complain about the crime. It is not the White people who instructed the police to massacre those angry workers at Marikana. It is not the White people who caused Bafana Bafana to drop from AFCON cup winners in 1995 to no# 86 in the world rankings in 2012.

      Please go back to your roots and rediscover Sobukwe, Biko and Mandela.

    • Simbao

      Spoken like an ignorant white totius, SA is not Afrika’s hope. No African would want to live in the conditions that black South Africans are subjected to unless there is war in their own country.

      In Zambia we have seen South African businesses leave with their tails between their legs due to the stiff competition that they find here. They fail to survive against the black market. If you want to talk about skills, it is the carpenters at Buseko Market who beat the furnitere shops that come from SA, Shoprite and Spar are now copying and applying blak market strategies. In SA, most of the skilled young blak artisans are coming from outside SA. In Zambia, we refare to a lazy person or someone who doesn’t know how to do anything as Muzungu (Mlungu in SA).

      Gillian is not looking for a medal, she is helping you to get with the program. We live in an everchanging world and only those who are able to adapt survive.

    • Jeff

      Dear lady
      I feel that the only thing worse than than the way the whites treated the blacks is the way the blacks in positions of power, be it in government or industry, treat blacks. Reality sucks , and 18 years down the line it’s time to stop apologizing and put real pressure on those with the power to make real change to all the people of South Africa.
      I made a decision to make a difference, so can you

    • jtrenor

      Gillian, I am not sure where you live, but right now in South Africa, it is the current government that is running the show and making the rules. Do you think the economic state of affairs in RSA has improved for the people who still live in informal settlements? Yes there have been some improvements, but from the strikes and protests on TV, there are still millions living without basic services – while fat cats (both WHITE and BLACK) in government and private sectors take the rewards through corruption and at the expense of the people and environment.

      I think your focus on this topic is distorted – to make improvements in this country one needs to seriously look at it’s leaders and if they are delivering what they promised. There is too much politics, race cards and finger pointing that is shrouding the real issue – the lack of responsibility in leaders and government.

    • No race

      Articles like this don’t help practically, but they might be of some use to aversive racists at a philosophical level.

      How do we classify white and black in the new SA?

      I am neither, I think. I have mixed race parents and grew up with a single mother, who has a very mixed race family (for example, indian/coloured and white/african parents). My cousins surnames vary from Van Schalkwyk, or Kunene to Maharaj. Some are very poor and some live without any knowledge of poverty. When you compare them you can see that history has definitely played a role in where they are now and the way they formed their goals, ambitions and identity. However those that dwell on the unfairness of the past are still struggling, and those who said ‘I can change my life’ have made a success of themselves. They all very rarely think of race, they are driven by the need to survive, and don’t have that luxury. When they do, they always debate over a classification or category for our very mixed heritage. What would we be referred to? Then we wonder why does it matter? Well, maybe because it matters to others? How do we make race the least important aspect of our social identity? Also can you really tell someone’s race just by looking at them? Not with 100% accuracy, so why is it so important?

    • colin

      “Oh ja … and white people, please try not to respond negatively and vilely to my letter because I will never stop pleading with you to get over yourselves and get with the current programme. It is as easy as the blink of an eye.”

      Dear Gillian
      I write as a white settler who has benefitted from an unjust system. I suspect a lot of your feelings are genuine and I believe that the souls of White South Africans needs to be purged (through repentance) from this past evil (Apartheid) regardless of what other evils are now present (there are many). There are two parts to this, the first is repentance and the other is restitution. I guess that the government has already forced restitution through mechanisms like the RDP, BEE and now BBEEE etc. So I think that repentance is an issue that is still outstanding and as long as it remains outstanding there will be ongoing negative consequences. But this is not an issue to be forced on people. True repentance starts with a genuine acknowledgement that God has been wronged and that we have grossly sinned against our fellowmen.
      When a thief is convicted of his misdeeds, one expects that he/she goes to their victim in true humility making restitution and asking for forgiveness. It may be that the victim is not ready or unable to forgive. This does not change anything.

      But who is able to lead this nation to repentance?

      Please expand on what you mean by the current programme.

      Kind regards

    • Lulama

      I do realise in these comments that the white people are angry. Now one is only defensive when guilty. If you know who you are as a white person(specific to the article) then you will not be offended as you know that as a good citizen who IS doing right that does not apply to you. I believe the plea in this letter is dedicated to the white people who are still stuck in the past no matter how young or old you are.

      You’d be very stupid to say it applies to you just because your white. More than anything this applies to you based on what you do. I agree with this letter and if you’re smart enough you will know that it does not apply to all white people.

      Yes, the rainbow nation is an illusion, everybody needs to stop hiding behind it. All races. The world is far from perfect – instead of pretending like there is nothing to fix. That is foolish for those that claim to have so much sense.

      Black people in South Africa also need not let circumstance determine their worth. We need not live up to the standards that white people brought to Africa and set for us. Who died and made them king? It is understood that pain and suffering came to Africa with the white people centuries ago and the wounds of the genocide still bleed in this day and age. Africans have always had a culture of Ubuntu and the best way of overcoming this struggle that we are presented with is through evolving our own culture and keeping to it instead of adapting to the white culture that kill our continent.

    • The gods must be crazy

      “I call on white people to recognise that by jumping in on national debates that do not concern them they are usurping a platform for authentic black voices to air their grievances about our leadership.” Huh, we are all citizens, are some more equal than others concerning national debates?

      “criticise Zuma etc. ” The main reason is that he is corrupt, self-centred and a terrible example. Under these circumstances, the rot spreads downwards and can’t be checked by moral leadership due to the vacuum.

      “… how to behave… etc” see paragraph one for your hypocrisy

      and so on to just about all your points after this.

      You started okay for a few paragraphs and then lost the plot.

    • Lulama

      Oh and just because you’re not racist doesn’t mean you don’t know anyone who is. Does not mean there isn’t a single person you can think of who needs to be told something of this sort…

      Stop being defensive and just work towards a resolution if you care so much about contributing to a non-racist era… Defence doesn’t move you forward – it keeps you stagnant at the back with the rest of the people you claim not to be like.

      Thank you for the letter

    • Ayanda Duma

      @ Kreef, I’m not surprised by your defensive attitude and accusation of lies, esp since this has clearly been GPSs strategy. Christ Himself said, “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life” and I find peace in knowing that Christ the Truth will prevail, He reigns my friend, even at GPS, none is above Him. @ Pierre, I’m interested in your comment but I don’t get you, are u saying Gillian is denying Christ? I didn’t get that.

    • Petru Viljoen

      I recently posted an essay about racism in the small town in Mpumalanga I find myself in. I had a great trek from a very conservative Afrikaans upbringing to getting to know black people on pavement level in all our equality. The racist attitude of most white people in Graskop is nauseating. That said, I find the youth in this town a lot more progressive and have appealed to the older age group to look to them for guidance on the way forward. There is absolutely nothing to lose. Not your identity, not your land, not your income, nor your religion.

    • Pierre

      Normally when people have done or say something really bad, they would write meaningless articles like this to protect and cover themselves. I know an academic doctor in Pretoria that does excately the same – after accusing, fighting and bad mouthing current government institutions he would realise his mistake, how open he is for litigation and then write on every possible blog everywhere how good these organisations are and that we must support them, and the things (he did) that we must not do. Yes projecting, and then trying to cover himself. I see all of this in this article!

      Good luck to you!

    • Ayanda Duma

      @ Kreef, if GPS is having all those problems with black parents, why not raise them in parents meeting. In 2012 the black parents and the Department of Education desperately requested meetings for over nine months and the school refused. I know you don’t want to hear it but you will, its prejudice my friend and its very ugly. Again I say its very pathetic that the validation and livelihood of some whites is based on oppressing blacks.

    • andy

      ngaze ngamthanda umlungu.

      Gillian, i honestly hope every white south african can get their hands or eyes on this letter and actually read it with understanding.

      our white brothers and sisters should really realise that they still have it far better than we will ever have it in Mzansi, they just need to chill and try to understand that we need to understand that we are still hurt as a country.


    • Simpleton

      White people in my opinion never make any effort to be part of the new “South Africa” I feel as if black people always had to make the first move in anything really. A simple things as saying “Hi” seems impossible to them.

      And the ridiculous notion that we might one day attack and victimize them is beyond mad. I had a group discussion a couple of month ago and I asked the pretty young white lady what her thoughts on her future in SA
      Were, You know what she said ” We are afraid, all my friends are scared that one day all the black folks are going to attack us, all my friends are even considering moving some where out of the country” in my opinion people who have this kind of thinking will never invest any positive impact in the Country. They have already made up their minds about and can’t pin your hopes on such people.

    • Ayanda Duma

      As for the defensive, defend on, and the denialists, deny on. The rest of us have work to do in uproot this evil from our society. My narrating the GPS was merely to quote a current real life example of the state of affairs concerning racial integration in SA. I have volumes of documentation to back up everything I wrote and more. I challenge Kreef to give me his full particulars, to allow me to enquire at the school concerning everything he alleges. @ Francois, do you know the levels of crime in the townships? Experiencing crime does not make anyone racist my friend

    • Chris

      1. What the writer, Gillian Schutte, does not know, is that racism, is the opposite, of what society has made it to be.

      2. All living creatures were created after their own kind, and earth dwellers with their own Nationality, Ethnicity, Language and Belief, and all nations have their own ancestral spirits and gods that guide them, and there is the problem, in the spiritual world, where the gods are competing with one another.

      3. Gillian Schutte, in my opinion, is uneducated in Truth, and is infected with a pack of lies and prejudice, who does not understand the spiritual world and it’s complexities, and I would like to qoute, the reason why I may write this accusation:

      Put on the complete armour of TRUTH, for you to have power to stand against the schemes of the devil. Because we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against authorities, against the world-rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual matters of wickedness in the heavenlies. . . . [WHERE IS THE PROBLEM? . . “against authorities, against the world-rulers of the darkness of this age!]

      4. The spirtis in the world, sets up people against people, against nationalities, ethnicity, language and belief, and deception leads to poverty, and politics, and power, and oppression and immorality and criminality, in all races of the world:

      “Because of this rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them! Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you,…

    • Concerned citizen

      Dear Gillian Schutte
      I think it is time you stop calling “I call on white people:” and start looking at reality around you.

    • Simpleton

      @ Francois # … That’s seems to be in ever white person’s mind “immigrate” . Frankly I don’t think anyone cares. But what I care about is that fact you think Black people aren’t victims of crime too..

      You’ll are forever saying Black people make excuses, well you’ll are full of them too. People who decide to leave this country don’t deserve to stay in this country period. Living Here has never been easy for everyone but some how we make it work. So we don’t need people who are not willing to see through that and make this country Work.

      So be our guests and Leave and see if we will care.

    • http://nil LYDIA

      GILLIAN – Stop with this nonsense of conversations, writing and uttering the words WHITE and BLACK referring to people – this is RACIST. We are all people – regardless of skin tone……….. I and other South Africans are getting FED UP with this nonsense of COLOR. The minute the word BLACK or WHITE is used to distinguish between people you have RACIST PREJUDICE. STOP – AND GET WITH THE PROGRAM. Articles like this really annoy me – and this by a journalist who is supposed to know better!!!!! We are a nation of people and if you want unity in this nation stop with the distinction between BLACK and WHITE. The mere mention of color is RACIST. Now try to live with the challenge.

    • Lennon

      @ ntozakhona: It’s a metaphor – nothing more. And still my question remains unanswered (at least by you).

      You should have a look at what Karabo had to say as she has provided the answer to my question.

    • Mkabayi

      The comments here are proving Gillian’s assertions to be 100 percent accurate. Thank you for this article Gillian, the negativity and defensiveness may seem overwhelming but we (SA citizens) must never give up, but we must continue to take it one step at a time.