Christi van der Westhuizen
Christi van der Westhuizen

Racists (accidentally) admit the inherent equality of all people

Reading the responses to my last blog, one can only wonder if honest introspection is at all possible in this society, rent as it is by greed and bigotry.

An anonymous little letter landed on my desk the other day. It was a photocopy of a book excerpt on the missionary, philosopher and physician Albert Schweitzer, sent to me by one “Africa expert”.

“Africa expert” marked a few paragraphs that contain quotations from Schweitzer that apparently appeared in a now-defunct newspaper called Hoofstad on June 8 1981. According to these quotations, Schweitzer said that Africans are a “sub-race”.

However, while he contends that Africans are a “sub-race”, he also warns that the “White man” should desist from attempting to live on an equal footing with black people because the “White man” will be “swallowed up” and “all his work [will] be destroyed”.

Schweitzer also cautions “White men” that they should maintain the status of whites as “the master” and black people as “inferior”. Black people should be approached as “children that you would help or teach”.

Some deny that Schweitzer said these words. He has attracted controversy, with some people saying he was an “unconscious racist” and others saying he was just a racist, period.

Be that as it may, a quick internet search shows that the quotation is massively popular among racists across the globe as part of their arsenal of “evidence” that black people are “inferior”.

“Africa expert” added that s/he is sending me this racist tract in order to help me gain a “better perspective about African culture and the problems that South Africa is currently grappling with”.

“Africa expert” had apparently dug into some dusty old boxes to find the “truth” on the “real” challenge that we (meaning whites) are facing.

It is significant that the quotations appeared in 1981 in an Afrikaans newspaper — almost 20 years after Schweitzer apparently uttered these words in the early 1960s. It shows us what kind of propaganda the media were spreading willy-nilly. It also shows how racists latch on to certain discourses and circulate them unthinkingly decade after decade.

Let’s see what “African expert” wanted me to comprehend. There is a contradiction in the quotation. If black people are indeed a “sub-race”, equality between black and white would be impossible. But the quotation warns that white people should be careful to prevent equality. Implicit herein is an acknowledgement that black and white are indeed equal. Therefore, according to the quotation, white people have to apply themselves to keep black people in an inferior position.

This reminds me of two honest moments in the life of JG Strijdom, second apartheid prime minister. In 1946, he wrote a letter to the National Party hoofleier DF Malan in which he pointed out that urbanisation and education for black people would lead to equality between black and white.

The second moment was just after he became prime minister in 1954. He admitted that: “The white man would not be able to retain his superiority by merit alone and owed his dominant position to the fact that he had the vote. It was part of the essence of apartheid, therefore, that the Bantu should never have the vote in white areas.”

Schweitzer apparently said his words shortly before his death in the 1960s. But the quotation seems like it has come straight out of the 19th-century, social Darwinist frame of reference — confirming again how racists keep these ideas swirling poisonously. In terms thereof, there is a hierarchy of races with black people “closer to the apes” on the evolutionary ladder while white people are the “highest” form of Homo sapiens. (What a coincidence that white people placed themselves at the top of the racial hierarchy that they hatched!)

The alleged quotation of Schweitzer reflects the typical settler angst of white people being “swamped” and disappearing. In this case the angst is hidden behind the suggestion that black people have a “lower culture” that will swallow white people. This is the reason, it is argued, why white people should maintain their dominance.

Strijdom was slightly more honest. Modernity — urbanisation; education — would enable black people to engage with white people on an equal footing, he admitted. This had to be blocked by the system of discrimination called apartheid, he concluded.

Dr Xolela Mangcu, well-known commentator, writes about this in his new book To the Brink: The State of Democracy in South Africa. Black people tackled the “violent cultural contact” with colonialism in the 19th century in two ways: by rejecting assimilation or by applying assimilation for progress and political resistance. Black people used education and Christianity at that stage as facilitators to enter modernity.

Entry into modernity becomes a weapon against colonialism and later apartheid.

Mangcu also writes how the black people entering modernity used their newly won knowledge to expose the hypocrisy at the heart of Christianity. Schweitzer appears to personify this hypocrisy with his declared (paternalistic) dedication to alleviate “Africa’s suffering” while he was propagating racial oppression in the same breath.

It is exactly because black people are not inherently unequal to whites that people such as Schweitzer and Strijdom emphasised that white people had to take specific steps to maintain their domination. But this fact about equality is obfuscated by racist ideology, constructed to justify the very oppression that causes the inequality.

The recent racist incident at the University of the Free State confirms yet again why it is essential that we confront the racist propaganda with which our society is drenched. We should expose the lies and bigotry for what they are.

  • Lyndall Beddy

    In one village all the dead were Hutus killed by other Hutus for their land – only one old woman was Tsutsi, and she was apparantly a troublemaker.

    Also, if I remember correctly, they were all Catholic – not allowed birth control, just like in Haiti.

  • Oldfox


    I work long hours, and do not have time to visit a library before closing time. Saturdays I go shopping or other places with my wife.
    Occasionally I may buy a very good book, at a bookstore when we do weekend shopping. I have no intention of buying books on Rwanda.

    Already during the genocide, there were stories of so called moderate Hutus being murdered – these were Hutus who refused to kill Tutsis, or who tried to hide/protect Tutsis.
    Now you seem to be saying Hutus who were killed by Hutus were killed by family members for their land.

    The excuse of population pressure for the Rwandan genocide does just not hold water, as should have been apparent from the part 2 of the post I sent.

    The fact that Ryszard Kapuściński omits the role of the West in the Rwandan genocide is not proof in itself that the West did not play a major role.

    There are literally thousands of articles on Rwanda and the genocide, may of them well researched.
    The evidence is beyond dispute.

    There are books that would claim that Hitler, Mao and Stalin were all good guys. Why should I believe such books, then the truth is known, for all those who are not blinded by lies and propaganda.

  • Consulting Engineer


    I agree with you about Hilary. She was backed by Zionist money, and it was so overt as to sicken people. Who wants more mideast wars with oil prices going out of control? It has nothing to do with her being female. Now she even uses the persecution tactics.

    In reality, Obama is no more of a danger to Whites than Clinton or McCain. Perhaps he is even less of one, for when traitors become your own leaders they are much more dangerous to you than an enemy outside of your own ranks.

    Still, Obama is a flag that white Americans have lost control over the government of the nation they founded, a nation that when it was at its best was the a pinnacle of the dreams of Western man.

    The seeds of destruction were sown in the racist, anti-European, Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, an act that discriminates against white immigrants. The media and lobby groups also fell under the iron grip of a small tribe of non-Europeans who nurtured ancient hatreds against whites since Roman times.

    Now anti-White racism and and White self-hate dominate the political and media landscape. Now millions face massive racial discrimination by AA, children face educational mediocrity, schools are full of violence, sexual assaults and the drug environment of gangstas and gangsta rap. Sound familiar lazola?

    Taxes are being doled out by the billions for the medical care and welfare of illegal aliens and welfare cheats while millions of hard working people can’t get or can’t afford the most basic medical insurance. Wow, sounds like SA.

    Trillions are spent in foreign wars orchestrated by a tribe in their midst who are themselves foreign to every european value and are themselves loyal to a foreign nation. Must I invoke the two names of the chief orchestrators of the Iraq War, Wolfowitz and Perle?

    These people support a segregated, supremacist, “Jewish State,” yet thought Apartheid was bad and sanctiond it, and say it is evil for Whites to preserve their rights, heritage, traditions and values?

    Not content with this, they support every degenerate and destructive policy imaginable, from open borders to pornography, abortion to the descration of marriage of man to woman.

    Obama is appreciably different in policies from Clinton or McCain, however, he is not the author of his success. He is the result of decades of anti-White propaganda promoted by the alien media and he is the result, as are McCain and Clinton, of millions of dollars of Israeli agenda money like that of Obama’s biggest campaign contributor, Goldman Sachs. He is propelled by the dynamics of Black and minority racism, and the anti-White racism instilled in many whites.

    The fact that so many Whites would support him even after his twenty year membership in an anti-White church is indicative of the media-instilled sickness. These are brainwashed Whites who would believe that a White man standing up for his people’s interests is the epitome of evil, but a Black man doing it is the epitome of goodness.

    Of course, in the long run even Obama can’t put the interests of Black people first, or the interests of the American majority first. The money that controls him will dictate that. He will be compelled to bomb someone that threatens the wannabe mideast superpower.

    In all of this degenerating multicultural, multiracial menagerie, stirring this toxic melting pot, sit the ultimate racists. Anyone who seeks any office in America, from President down to town dog catcher must pass the ultimate litmus test of eagerness to put the interests of Israel over those of the United States.

    Obama has passed the test. He has bent over and acknowledged the one power that no one can criticize, that no one is even allowed to acknowledge, and that no one can refuse to obey without career-ending consequences.

    McCain has long since proven his servility to Israel. He is a co-sponsor of the amnesty bill that would speed up the already horrifyingly rapid mass invasion of America. In truth, McCain, being at least a White man on the outside, can marshal far more support for anti-White programs in the U.S. Congress than could Obama.

    Obama will be no worse than any of the White sell-outs that came before him. But maybe Obama will be like a visible tumour that finally sends you to the doctor for some real medicine. Obama is the pain that lets your body know that something is dreadfully wrong.

    Hilary would just have been more of the same they had before.

    If you vote for him because he advocates change, or because the others are too dreadful to contemplate, then something must be wrong.

    Obama’s winning the Democratic nomination will usher in a new age of racial awareness. Non-whites have long had this consciousness. They have been voting in blocs for decades. Now whites must start.

  • Consulting Engineer


    Have you seen Obama’s about face in the Jewish media?

    He is now a supporter and defender of Israel. Now that is an Obamination!

    And look here:

    Now why are all 3 candidates so concerned about winning over such a small minority whose vote cannot be significant?

    And you want to believe race does not feature/ Dont be naaive Lazola my friend.

  • Consulting Engineer


    And look at what the Jewish Daily Forward has to say. Its getting so blatant even I would vote Obama if I were American to avoid this obvious manipulation. People just got sick of it:

    “New York’s junior senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is expected to snare the lion’s share of the Jewish community’s substantial political donations in the race for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

    Democratic activists and operatives said Clinton will pull in large quantities of cash among Jewish donors not only because of what they described as her strong positions on Israel and domestic matters of interest to Jews, but also because of longtime ties with these activists dating back to her husband’s administration.

    The haul is important: Strategists say that serious candidates will need to raise at least $50 million — and probably more like $100 million — by the end of the year. They say that money from Jewish donors constitutes about half the donations given to national Democratic candidates (an extremely large pot of gelt long coveted by the GOP).

    Rabinowitz, who also “has been helpful” to former North Carolina senator John Edwards, said that “sexy guy” Illinois Senator Barack Obama and Delaware Senator Joseph Biden — “an extremely well-known quantity” to Jews — among others, would get “a piece” of Jewish largesse. But “it just won’t compare to what she gets.”

    Clinton, he said, “has personally proved herself to the Jewish community on Israel, on which she was once questioned.”

    Linda Sher, a Chicago-area Democratic activist who founded the Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs, a pro-Israel and pro-choice body, is raising money for Obama.

    Several Democratic hands said Obama would attract money from the more liberal precincts of the Jewish community. That proved true during his 2004 Senate bid, when he grabbed the support of the heavily Jewish “Lakefront liberals” in his state’s hotly contested primary.

    RJC board member Fred Zeidman, a Houston venture capitalist and lobbyist who’s close to Bush, will be raising money for Senator John McCain.

    “I think [McCain’s] an outstanding patriot and American and will make an excellent president,” Zeidman told the Forward on Sunday. “He has a 20-year demonstrated record of support for Israel. Our community couldn’t be in better hands.”

    Also helping McCain is RJC board member Ned Siegel, who was tapped to head McCain’s finance team in Florida.”

    Do any of these people even care about america, or do these so called americans vote on what is good for Israel must be good for america.

  • Lyndall Beddy


    All politicians have an axe to grind. Many journalists are young, under deadline pressure, and inexperienced. The people I trust most are the seasoned old hands – especially when they write their memoirs.

    Neither of the books I mentioned are JUST about Rwanda: One is about what goes wrong in societies, the other about ALL of Africa. Both have Rwanda only as a chapter. And you can phone your library and order these books.

    80% of what you find on the net is junk!

  • Consulting Engineer

    Whites in SA are at a crossroads. Can we stand idly by and watch the nation inevitably become a Third World society, or are we willing to stand up and fight, while we still can, for our heritage, traditions, and values? To make SA a place where we can live?

    Multi-Culturalism and “Diversity” are lies. The non-White birthrate, coupled with massive emigration (both legal and illegal) and racial intermarriage, will continue to erode the founding people of the SA nation. Our children will have to live in an environemnt where alien cultures and values will not simply be present, but will dominate us.

    Crime will continue to escalate, as schools deteriorate, corruption increases, and quality of life plummets.Brutal crimes of violence, drugs, poverty and corruption flourish. Government does not adequately enforce our laws nor protect our borders.

    Politicians like Zuma/Selebi etc are becoming increasingly criminal. Even if convicted, what will happen? Like what happened to Winnie’s convictions. They just can run for office again.

    Many places are becoming unlivable. Yet the Black majority still votes for those responsible. Being anti-white gains politicians popularity.

    The nations of the north are predictive examples of the fate that awaits us. All the signs are there: ESKOM, spiralisng food costs and inflation, economic meltdown, beggars, rising crime and corruption etc. The Third World awaits our children. It is on our streets. Are we so short-sighted that we cannot see where we are heading?

    Great nations do fall. In history, every great nation which once graced this planet with high civilization and great achievement – has fallen.

    This government has supported and financed (with our own tax money) a massive non-White growth rate that is producing chronic crime, degenerating schools and cities, huge social welfare costs and subsidies, medical care, education, housing, policing, courts, and incarceration etc.

    They have fostered intense discrimination against White people in jobs, promotions, scholarships, university admissions and hiring.

    They have destroyed the quality of many of our schools and the education system, the civilized quality of our major cities, and the safety of our neighbourhoods.

    They have attacked our heritage with an endless array of hate literature, and speeches, eradicated our names and holidays, and vilified our White history, character, values, and traditions.

    They have hurt our businesses and workers, and are reducing the overall standard of living.

    We must strive to save our nation and its beseiged heritage. What is killing whites in SA and fueling massive emigration. Well obiusly crime. Then we have the massive immigration of unskilled people our economy cannot accomodate. High taxes that are taking more and more of our hard-earned money and more and more of our rights. The forced mixing and integration of school classrooms based on race, not ability, which penalises the performing children who are future leaders. Racial discrimination by AA. non fair trade by BEE procurement policies.

    I recognise the important inherent distinctions between the races, I do not seek to oppress Blacks, nor do I hate them. I do, though, have an abiding love for our White race and africa and want my children and all my descendants to be white and live in a free and healthy society, not a Third World hovel. I want to preserve the unique character and beauty of my people the same way that, as an ecologist wants to preserve the Blue Whale or the African Elephant.

    White should demand the same things for our progeny that all healthy people throughout history have sought: the right for us to live and go on generation after generation in this, our homeland; for our heritage to be enriched rather than degraded; for us to be safe and secure in our homes and when about in society; for us to be happy and fulfilled, and not alienated in a culture that wnats to take from us; for us to achieve all that our talents and abilities allow.

    Liberals want us to emigrate or just keep quiet. Except the real white south africans labelled ‘racist’ have no wish to leave.

  • Lazola


    The other day on our deliberations about nature of South African crime, you made parrallelism between East (India) and South Africa. You said in some Eastern countries poverty does not always translate into crime.

    I think in your analysis your forgot to properly contexualised Eastern realities with West.

    In some Eastern religions poverty is virtue and it is associate with holiness. Whilst in the Western context poverty it associated with sin, ungodliness, curse and the lack of initiative.

    I am sorry for taking you some few weeks back, it is only that my mind keeps on processing every piece of detail I have read in my life over and over again.