‘There’s nothing wrong with the game’

So, now that an Aussie has helped us in our World Cup endeavours, it’s probably not bad form to agree with that Aussie when he says something worth listening to. In the aftermath of the World Cup, much has been said and written about the final as a spectacle, specifically portraying it as a drab,…

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‘Bafana Bafana’ offends Mbeki

Thabo Mbeki, presumably in an effort to appear even-handed, has lashed out against the nicknames of our national football teams. Even though the people chose them.

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White is the man to transform SA Rugby! But no one will listen!

Congrats, Bokke! On Saturday you made us all proud. You will go down in history as one of the greatest teams in rugby history, not just because you won, but also because you came through against all the odds. Looking back to the 2003 World Cup, Springbok rugby was a shambles. Working at the event…

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Steak, the World Cup and good bones

I have to confess that the highlight for me of Saturday’s World Cup game was the steak. We braaied, of course, and it being a special occasion, I got in some prime rump from the nearby Famous Butcher’s Grill. It is not cheap, but with a teriyaki marinade tends to evoke the sort of eyeball-rolling…

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Time to call it quits, Jake

I thought I was going to let my fellow bloggers run with the ball on this great rugby debate, but I just have to claim my pound of flesh. So, here goes! I think Jake White should do more than pee on the ashtrays on the desks of his bosses (as fellow blogger Chris Moerdyk…

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Bread and circuses

Lo, Sunday morning dawned and strangely enough the world was unchanged! The fact that some beefy boys with cauliflower ears and bloodied eyes had spent 80 minutes throwing themselves on top of each other and shoving their heads up each other’s bums to win a shiny beaker the previous evening seems — oddly enough —…

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Dear Jake: Go pee on your bosses’ desks

We could feel the politics even at the final. For example, when the team hoisted President Mbeki onto their shoulders, I swear I could hear Jacob Zuma yelling “drop, drop, drop !”

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Springboks the class of 1995 and 2007

One of the greatest moments of my life was watching a packed Newlands rugby stadium, comprising almost entirely white fans, thundering “Nelson, Nelson, Nelson” as Madiba made his way to commence his opening address for the 1995 World Cup. Madiba magic was born, and how the rainbow nation responded to it. Yet rugby was and…

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From a bitter, twisted person: my blood remains red; I could care less about the Boks

Days ago, I had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to be bombarded with rugby news until, at least, the end of next week. That’s fine. I suppose our national rugby team getting into (and possibly winning) the World Cup final is a big deal. To each her own. It’s not my…

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What crazy rituals will you be performing come Saturday?

One of my favourite human behavioural idiosyncrasies is the level to which we all delude ourselves about our perceived rationality. Rubbish. Our “rationality” is at the same level as that of poultry. We might not bury our heads in the sand physically, but we sure do it inside our brains. One of the manifestations of…

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