Bridget McNulty
Bridget McNulty

More online treasure

Remember when I said that finding cool new websites was like tapping into a vein of gold?

I seem to have hit the jackpot!

Check these out, and tell me you don’t feel inspired. I won’t believe you.

  • Freshly Found ( is a blog full to bursting with creative ideas and beautiful things, some homemade, some found from other designers. Denise Kiggan says she loves “repurposing vintage or found goods — giving them a fresh new and sometimes unexpected life!” I love it.
  • Ninainvorm ( is a Dutch blog of “mooiedingen” (which I’m pretty sure translates to “nice things”). While the blog itself is very special, I’m particularly taken with her amazing picture board (running along the left-hand side of the page). Some of the most interesting pictures I’ve seen in a long time, all with a common thread of quirky beauty.
  • The Small Object ( is adorable! Rubber stamps, miniature artworks, beautiful stationery and a whole range of wooden clothes pegs made into people! How can you resist taking a look?
  • “One is the loveliest colour” ( Okay, so this is diverging a little. It isn’t a blog, it’s an article from New York Magazine. But what an article! Five people who only ever wear one colour. A shoe designer who only wears blue, a fashion designer who won’t wear anything but grey, an industrial designer in pink and white, a fabric designer only in green, and a singer-songwriter who lives in brown. Fascinating!
    •, jacki janse van rensburg

      i love finding new blogs. there are so many out there that are well written and entertaining. until recently, i read a lot of blogs in my industry/area of interest. then i registered on amatomu, and found lots and lots of new blogs there, that are completely different to the ones i’m used to reading. and i’m having so much fun finding gems!

    • Cathy

      I just love Bridget’s blogs purely because they so blatantly disregard the problems/issues/depressions of real life. Just look at what the others are writing: they whinge and whine and “wroeg” most of the time. Bridget’s blogs are refreshing, creative, feminine and fun.
      She tips the scale just enough for us to maintain our sanity.

    • Bridget McNulty

      Thanks for the kind words! I find that if I focus on what’s wrong with the country, I just get depressed and don’t function well.
      And where’s the sense in that? :)

    • Freshly Found

      Thanks for the mention Bridget! Glad you enjoy visiting my blog. I love blogging! And I have enjoyed taking a look at some of the others you mentioned too.

    • Mel

      Thank You … Have been looking for some itneresting, cool, thought provoking stuff & your blog came at the right time!