Ben Levitas
Ben Levitas

The hypocrisy of the ‘apartheid Israel’ boycott movement

For the past nine years the International Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has organised a well-funded, internationally co-ordinated hate fest against Israel in more than 250 university cities around the world. The event aims to classify Israel as an apartheid state, thereby delegitimising its right to exist because apartheid is a crime against humanity. So the series of events that extend over a week is branded “Israel Apartheid Week” and usually takes place early on in the academic year, in February or March.

Because there are no race-based laws in Israel, any argument or analogy to the apartheid regime is a fabrication of reality. The analogy is malicious and slanderous and serves a political agenda that wishes to punish and weaken Israeli society, with the ultimate intention of destroying the state apparatus completely. Israel is a society comprised of wave after wave of immigrants. Each wave brought with it, unique ethnic and religious traditions. Israel is a multi-ethnic and multiracial melting pot. The only explanation for wanting to ”delegitimise’’ Israel through stigmatisation is because it is different from all its neighbours. In truth it is the only Jewish state in the world and tellingly the only democratic state in the Middle East. Notably it is one of only 22 democratic states in the entire world that have been able to endure and maintain their intrinsic democratic institutions since 1950. It is ranked as the only ”truly free” state in the Middle East.

Because the Israeli-Arab conflict has nothing to do with race, its roots are entirely different to apartheid, which was a structure based on the premise of race and of maintaining the separation of races. In Israel Arabs and Jews are indistinguishable on the basis of race, which definitively removes race or the separation of races as a factor in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The struggle between Israel with its Jewish character and Palestine with its predominantly Muslim character has more to do with a clash of religions and lifestyles, which is again very dissimilar to apartheid, where the majorities of both antagonists, black and white were predominantly Christian.

The proponents of BDS are not prepared to acknowledge that the use of another analogy may be more appropriate because they specifically aim to crucify Israel on the apartheid cross. The analogy is a misnomer with no foundation in fact. They refer to the security barrier as the ”apartheid wall” because they allege it separates Israelis from Palestinians. What they refuse to acknowledge is that Israeli citizens are also entitled to human rights — the right to live in safety and security, to have access to safe public transport and freedom of movement, which the ”security barrier” affords them. The security fence restricts the movement of Israelis also — precisely because it is a security barrier. The security fence, although temporary, moreover serves as a de facto border between the UN recognised state of Palestine and Israel and is no different from any border control, particularly between hostile states, that with good reason restricts and controls the freedom of movement of people. The ”barrier” has reduced the incidence of terror attacks from being an almost daily occurrence to almost zero, literally overnight.

The most severe criticisms of Israel usually relate to the treatment of Palestinians in the so-called ”occupied” West Bank. One needs to remind these critics that nearly all (more than 98%) of the Palestinian people in the West Bank live under their own self-government — under the rule of the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian Authority accepted self-government under the Oslo Accords in 2003. The fact that some Palestinians still live in refugee camps is a deliberate ploy to maintain the refugee status of these people, to entitle them to refugee relief from the United Nations Works and Relief Agency and to perpetuate their yearning to return to the land of Israel.

Perpetuating the suffering of the Palestinians is a cynical and cruel policy of the neighbouring Arab states that refuse to allow Palestinians to become integrated into their societies. This spiteful policy, which qualifies to be labelled as a ”war crime” or ”a crime against humanity” is aided and abetted by almost all the members of the United Nations and particularly the European Union. Of all the policies in the region, the perpetuation of the separation of the Palestinian refugees from their host societies resembles most closely the depraved policies of the apartheid era. If the BDS proponents were genuine in their concern for the Palestinian people, they should express their outrage at the regimes that keep people holed up in refugee camps for generation after generation. By not speaking out they show that they care more for political grandstanding than for the welfare of the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian Authority has moreover clearly nailed its principles to the apartheid mast when President Abu Mazen clearly stated that no, not one, Israeli would be allowed to reside in the future Palestinian state. This statement is nothing short of genocidal, because it renounces the rights of Israelis, meaning Jews, to live in a territory that 2 000 years ago was the heartland of two Jewish kingdoms, Judea and Samaria. Abu Mazen has moreover also stated emphatically that there was no Jewish Temple on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem, where the Wailing Wall remains. This is ethnic cleansing in its most extreme form and deserves condemnation. It displays an utter disregard for the values and rights of Jews. It indicates a continuation of the Jordanian policy, between 1948 and 1967, which oversaw the destruction of all Jewish temples in the Jewish quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem and which forbade Jews from even being able to visit the site most holy to them, the Wailing Wall.

The BDS agenda to harm and destroy Israel is typical of all boycott movements in that it apportions blame only to one side. It doesn’t prescribe a solution, rather it contributes to the continuation of the problem. It results in closures of factories that employ the people that it purports to want to help. It is entirely impervious to the suffering of the people it claims to speak for. BDS is blind to the racism, religious intolerance and ethnic cleansing perpetrated by the side it identifies with and this makes BDS fundamentally dishonest.

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    • Chopper4

      @Gary, some very good questions, let me clarify some stuff.

      1. When looking at a democracy, you have to have freedoms, there is an NGO called Freedom house, they rate how free the country is. All you need to do is look at their findings. This is an apolitical non-biased group. Most of the countries including those in the Arab Spring are considered partly free or not free at all. Just because there are votes does not mean a country is a democracy. There are other factors that make a country a democracy. Jordan is a monarchy, King Abdullah has ultimate power, the government is just a puppet of his. Freedom House considers Jordan not free, Lebanon is partly free here is a link :

      2. The wall is actually a fence. Of the 700km of barrier only 70km is concrete. Whenever there has been a problem the Palestinians have filed a petition to the ISraeli Supreme Court and in many cases they have won and the Israeli Government had to divert the fence. You say something about “Internationally recognised borders” That is false, the international community cannot impose borders upon a sovereign country especially a country which is at war. The future borders of ISrael and Palestine have to be negotiated, no unilateral decision will last…look at Gaza as an example. Once future borders are mutually agreed upon if the fence encroaches on any of that territory it will be dismantled. However until that happens the barrier will

    • Chopper4

      stay. Overnight terrorist activity ended. This in no way means that the terrorists have stopped trying, as rare cases have arisen where terrorist attacks occurred in Jerusalem and surroundings. One thing you need to understand is that Israel does not need permission to do anything in the territory, it belongs to Israel. It is not annexed and that is the reason why Israeli civil law is not present there, however Martial law is. Israel captured that territory fair and square and can do with it as it pleases. If the Arabs ie Egyptians, Jordanians, Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians and whoever joined the war were under the impression that Israel was vulnerable. Therefore to make Israel not appear to look vulnerable they can not go back to the situation. This is why buffer zones are needed and that is why UN242 states that Israel must “give back territories captured” and not “give back THE territories captured” The use of definite article would mean all the territory and omitting that definite article changes the whole meaning of the statement. Meaning parts of the territory, there has to be compromise on the part of the losers of the war. Egypt acknowledged this defeat and got back Sinai, Jordan acknowledged defeat and parts of Israel on the Jordanian river bank were given back to Jordan.

      I hope that clarifies point 2 for you

      3. You are correct that Palestinians are interchangeable. That is the most confusing part of this conflict, until 1964 Palestinians were Arabs,

    • Chopper4

      Arabs, Jordanians and Egyptians. After the creation of the Palestinians Liberation Organisation (PLO) at the Arab Summit in Cairo in 1964. The Arabs/Jordanians living in West Bank were renamed to Palestinians, the same happened in Gaza. The PLO was created to exterminate the Zionists and liberate all of the Palestine by armed struggle. Just go check the PLO founding charter that is ratified until present day…check the Hamas Charter which is ratified until present day. You know, even if you speak to a Palestinian they will admit that one morning they woke up being an Arab then all of a sudden the next day they were Palestinian. Palestinian culture, is Arab culture be it Muslim or Christian. If you look at the demographics of the region and where the people came from during the Ottoman Rule, you will see the Arabs there were either from Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and so on. They had the same culture as anyone else in the area, they never had their own culture or anything. Most of the land was owned by absentee landlords and most of the refugees were migrant workers from other countries. Who ended up losing their citizenship and became citizens of a stateless nation. This was the result of Arab armies and not Israel, there are documented speeches by Israeli mayors telling the residents not to leave, those that left are lost and those that stayed are now Israeli citizens.

      4 As for the refugee situation, this is absolutely abhorrent. UNHCR which is the UN refugee

    • Chopper4

      association for all global refugees…except Palestinians. Palestinians have their own refugee asociation called UNRWA. UNHCR has successfully integrated global refugees with less resources and less everything for almost all global refugees. Yet after 65 years Palestinian refugees are in the exact same position they were in 1948. They are not allowed to assimilate into the host country, they are not allowed to work in the host country, they are not allowed to claim citizenship, there children are not allowed to claim citizenship from birth which is against international law. The question arises why is a UN group so badly run, that is can not integrate and try improve their lives? Why is the world so silent at the treatment of Palestinian refugees?

      Do you know that Jordan is 4 times the size of Israel and has almost 2 million people less. There is plenty of room in Jordan which is a majority Palestinian country already. However they are used as pawns and a thorn in the side of Israel.

      The only reason why they are continuing to exist is that they want to bring all of them back into Israel which is unreasonable. There are 5 million Jews, if you bring the 4-5 million refugees back into ISrael, Israel will cease to exist as a Jewish country. In the end you will have Palestine in Gaza, Palestine in West Bank, Palestine in Israel proper and as Abbas has said in the future Palestine no Jew will be welcome!

      I hope I answered your questions and if you have more I await,

    • Gary Koekemoer

      @ chopper 4
      I had a quick look at the B’Tselem site ( and according to their stat’s there were 98 fixed checkpoints in Feb 2013 and between 256 and 340 flying checkpoints set up by the army for 2012 figures.
      The separation barrier apparently runs some 709km, mainly made up of electrical and barbed wire fencing, in some areas the IDF have erected 6-8m concrete barriers. 85% of the Barrier runs through the West Bank and not along the “Green Line”. When completed 9.5% of the West Bank will be on the Israeli side incorporating 60 Palestinian settlements. There are 60 Agricultural gates through which farmers with a permit are allowed to pass, most on foot only. Permits have decreased 83% from 2006 to 2009 (10,037 to 1640).
      According to B’Tselem the separation barrier is the most severe way of securing the safety of Israeli citizens, there were many other options available.
      Are these reliable figures? It appears that B’Tselem is a credible Jewish organisation?

    • nic batt

      Chopper 4, Thank you for your reply. I realize that there is a desperate attempt by the Zionists to justify the use of the name Israel, by trying to find the other 10 lost tribes. Good luck with that justification. You are right about the Cohen and Levis being a tribal identity, but they were not allotted ancient Israeli land, due to their priesthood status.

      The tribal identities lost to modern Israel, the same who complained after Solomon’s abuse during his building programme are Simeon, Reuben, Gad, Ephraim, Dan, Manasseh, Issachar, Zebulan, Naphtali and Asher. All their allotted lands are now pretty much part of modern day Israel, owned by Benjamin and Judah tribal members, with of course, the previously landless Levi tribe.

      The term Jew is first used in Esther and Nehamiah, in the late stages of the Babylonian exile, always only defined as Israelite prior to this.

      As for the idea the certain African and Asian tribes, might be the lost Israelites of the 10 tribes, this has not in any way been proven. If there is any semblance between these tribal worship patterns and modern Jews, then is it more than likely that they are descendant of Benjamin and Judah stock, separated more recently than 3000 years ago, when the 10 Israelite tribes dissolved into what Judaism now calls gentiles, thereby building walls around the Herodian Temple to keep them out while Jewish males burnt offerings (read had barbecues) to forgive themselves their sins.

      Jesus objected to this…

    • Gary Koekemoer

      I get the point made by Ben and others that one cannot call what is happening in Israel, “Apartheid”, based on the understanding that SA’s version of Apartheid was racially based. I get too, that most the policies of the Israeli State (IDF included) that seek to restrict the movement of Palestinians (e.g. separate roads/ buses in the WB) are done so on the motive of protecting the lives of Israeli’s (settlers?). I understand too, that with a history that includes continual discrimination and persecution of Jews over the centuries which includes the Holocaust, there is a strong Jewish sentiment of never again!
      What I don’t get is the argument re. entitlement to the land. It appears to be based largely on three arguments, what Jews owned 2000 years ago, that the land was promised by God, and that which was obtained through the spoils of war. That position is not unique, I imagine Palestinians could counter every point with one of their own, they would just emphasize different dates/ timelines. On that basis the Brit’s could claim parts of the ME based on what was won during the Crusades and the Turks similarly during the Byzantine age.
      I don’t see how using history nor religion as a base can bring peace to Israel/ Palestine. I think Palestinians have to accept Jews are there to stay and that Jews have to accept that both Jews and Palestinians have the same basic human rights.
      In the interim, Palestinians it would appear are bearing a disproportional share of the…

    • ConCision

      As an addendum
      To my poem
      ‘Lies, Damned Lies and Ludicrous, Distorted, Fraudulent Dissimulations’
      Is a quotation:

      “If you tell a lie big enough and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed”
      Adolph Hitler.

    • Gary Koekemoer

      @ Chopper 4 thanks for clarifying, I think I understand the basics, a large proportion of Jewish people living in Israel, believe themselves to be surrounded by enemies, consider each individual Palestinian a potential threat, and have built a new wall (barrier) around the country and defend every inch thereof. This then justifies treating Palestinians differently to Jews, because it is done in the name of security. A combined nation is not seen as a solution, because your fear is that number’s wise Palestinians are more than Jews and thus will dominate, which ends up with Jews again potentially being a minority, and thus open to persecution again.
      As an outsider the parallels to SA Apartheid appear obvious, SA at the time used race as it’s method of separation, you use religion/ culture (Jew/ Arab), SA argued for separate development through homelands, which had their own “governments”, sounds very much like the Palestinian territories, we had the “Swart gevaar” as our source of fear and every black person was seen as a potential threat.
      You seem to believe war is a “fair n square” means of resolving issues, fortunately the people of SA didn’t, we now live in relative peace, and the swart gevaar turned out to be an empty threat. But then we only have 300 years odd of History to overcome, you have 3000 plus…

    • Charlotte

      Read again what Ben Levitas and Chopper4 have to say..

      Israel wants peace. It has made that clear over and over again – but not at the cost of its own demise.
      Furthermore, it does not brainwash people into becoming suicide bombers. (One wonders why a few Muslim leaders don’t lead by example and strap the explosives to themselves?)
      One also wonders why the ANC don’t concentrate on putting their own shambles-of-a- house in order first? … The mere fact that the ANC supports the Palestinian cause’(a ploy to get Muslim votes) should be enough for any thinking person.

      To repeat: There is no such thing as ‘apartheid’ in Israel.
      – and as ConCision quotes: “If you tell a lie big enough and frequently enough, it will be believed” – (Adolph Hitler)

    • nic batt

      Chopper 4, I firmly believe in the right of Jewish people to fulfill their destiny by returning to the promised land and offer world redemption via a messiah, seeing Zionism as a stepping stone to a future dispensation. Nationalism is outdated, Everybody is everywhere.

    • Charlotte

      @ The Creator …
      your words: “although in my view Palestinian suicide terrorism is an extremely foolish tactic”
      This one statement in your diatribe, where you dispute and mock every valid point made -, sums it up: Is ‘your view of terrorism, a foolish tactic”? … Were 9/11 and similar worldwide atrocities also just ‘foolish tactics” – or does it only apply when Palestinians bombard Israel?

      For power and political expediency, and perpetrated in the name of religion, Islamic terrorism is one of the greatest threats in the world today – against which Israel stands as a buffer.

      Have you ever actually visited Israel? Or do you merely regurgitate the spurious propaganda levelled against ‘the world’s great aggressor’ – you know, that tiny little country, compared in size with surrounding Arab countries, like a matchbox to a rugby field?
      Advanced in technology, medicine, agriculture, as well as arts and sciences, you give this small, brave country no credit. Instead, you defend those that bombard it with rockets every day, attack it with rank terrorism and who want it’s complete annihilation.

    • Enough Said

      @ Charlotte: “Read again what Ben Levitas and Chopper4 have to say..”

      Regardless of what they say, the campaign to boycott apartheid Israel grows every year.

      Well Ben Levitas does say “The event aims to classify Israel as an apartheid state, thereby delegitimising its right to exist because apartheid is a crime against humanity.”

      True, too true.

      If I were an Israeli Or international Zionist I would be worried, very worried, they will go the same way as apartheid South Africa.

      Enough Said. 😎

    • Enough Said

      @Charlotte, Ben Levitas & the Chop…

      Why does Israel burn Palestinians alive with illegal white phosphorus if it is not a terrorist state?


    • Chopper4

      @Gary, You make a few very fundamental flaws. Firstly Israeli civil law does not exist in the West Bank. 98% of the West Bank population is under Palestinian civil law. When Palestinians enter a Military zone they are under the scrutiny of Martial Law. You must understand that when the Palestinians are NOT in those areas they are under Palestinian rule of Law, NOT Martial Law and NOT Israeli Law. So if they are feeling persecuted it could well be due to non-service delivery by the Palestinian Government. Israel has nothing to do with the Palestinian population unless they are in a zone controlled by the Military.

      As for the checkpoints, I never read that article and 58 checkpoints is alot less than the 1000 or the 500 that BDS and other Israel haters say exist. When I quoted B’Tselem I do not quote as being a “objective” website, I quote them to debunk what ISrael haters say. You will always see Israel haters quoting B’Tselem to show how barbaric the “occupation” is yet I find it ironic that I can use B’Tselem against them when they give over so called “facts” which I can debunk from B’Tselem’s website.

      When it comes to certain things they say they are doing it to forward the agenda of the funders. Therefore they might be the worst critics of Israel, however that is in line with an agenda.They are not an objective bunch and they are politically aligned hence their agenda.

      You are correct with your statement about Palestinians need to come to terms with…

    • Chopper4

      Jews are here to stay. However that is the core issue, they will never do that especially with the anti-Semitic leadership and curriculum at schools, mosques and daily life in the territories.

      Putting religion aside, the Jews were promised part of mandate Palestine by the Mandated Powers. That is proof enough that Israel is perfectly legal. That is how Lebanon, Syria and Jordan were created.
      If however someone says Israel’s creation was illegal then that person must also admit that Syria, Lebanon and Jordan were also illegal and if their response is “haha no it is different” Then the only difference is one country is Jewish and the others are Muslim and that is anti-Semitic as you are applying a double standard to that thought based on blind hatred for Jews.

      As for the similarity of Apartheid, it might be similar but very different. We are talking about Martial Law and everyone knows Martial Law sucks, but it is not discriminatory as it does not make any distinction between anyone, it holds everyone guilty until proven innocent. Look at any country controlled by an army and tell me which one is all sweet and nice like sugar and spice? When Egypt installed Martial Law there were curfews and if anyone disobeyed the curfew they were shot no questions asked, just an example.

      When looking at the separate buses, that is not discrimination especially when terrorists have used ISraeli buses to try and enter Israel to carry out their terrorist activity. Another…

    • Chopper4

      how come there is no Palestinian buses travelling to the Israeli checkpoints? It is not even Israel’s obligation to provide them transport. Is that not the obligation of the Palestinian leadership…no?

      Separate roads and everything. Most of those roads the Palestinians do not need to be on, however I think that what B’Tselem says about separate roads is absolute BS. The fact of the matter is that the people that do all the building in settlements are Palestinians and many if not most settlers actually get along pretty well with the neighbouring Palestinian villages. In order for them to get to work they would have to travel on these “separate” roads no? Otherwise those roads are not needed to be driven on by Palestinians. None of the so called routes are named. Therefore I can not really debunk something, however the fact that they are not mentioned is another reason why I am skeptical that they exist at all.

      If you look at history we were never the ones to start any war. Even if you look at the operations in Lebanon, Gaza all of them preceded Israel being attacked and showing restraint. Israel allowed 10 000 rockets to be fired on its civilian population until it responded. 5 Mortar shells landed in Turkey from Syria and the bombardment of Syria by Turkey was unbelievable. A few shots from the Kurds onto Turkey or Iran and they send in Air Strikes. However 10000 rockets from Gaza and Israel retaliate and then they are considered war criminals…sounds pretty…

    • Chopper4

      @Nic, do you know that the only patriotism in the world that is threatened or called racist is patriotism of the Jewish State.

      I am not trying to score points of sympathy, however the Jews have been the most persecuted people in world history. They deserve a country that is a Jewish country. They need a safe haven to escape this persecution. Even the lead up to the 2014 elections in South Africa, Jews are being singled out as stealing business opportunities from Muslims. What next…are the Jews going to be blamed for the problems of South Africa? How many people already blame the Jews for terrorism…yet how many Jewish terrorist attacks have you see in the last 3 decades? What about the financial crisis? and the list goes on.

      Israel is here to stay, Instead of putting pressure on ISrael to commit suicide why has no pressure ever been exerted on the Palestinian leadership? Do you know that financial aid, donations and other benefits Palestine receives is equal to 60% of the annual budget, without this support Palestine would cease to exist. Threatening to cut this off would make any Palestinian leader choose peace….yet how come they do not do that? Israel is pressured in many ways to concede to international pressure and Israel ends up paying plenty of prices in human casualties because of the pressure and the world just continues to care less. Continues to Blame Israel while the Palestinians snicker in the background like playground bullies!

    • Gary Koekemoer

      @ Chopper 4, we can debate detail and semantics for days and still not get anywhere close to ideas that could lead to a solution. So with your permission let me try move the debate along. In South Africa change came because both sides were willing to look across the fence and agree that the situation at the time was not sustainable, then some tough times, and now too tough times in trying to achieve what was intended. When they negotiated they had to agree to some basics, you think you and I can agree to the some basics too (not that I represent any interest, nor you the Jewish cause, but if we could agree who knows…)? Would you agree that Human Rights apply equally to both Jews and Palestinians? Would you agree that both Jew and Palestinian are there to stay? Would you agree that peace is a better alternative to war? Would you agree that where you stand affects your perspective? I would happily ask a Palestinian the same questions, but none appear to be on this forum.

    • Charlotte

      @Enough Said. …..Then read what I have had to say …..
      – and thank you for your reponse.
      I don’t give myself labels nor subscribe to religious indoctrination – and I don’t repeat blindly what others say, or tell me to say or think.

      Israel is not an apartheid state. That’s it: And no lie, no matter how big, how distorted and how evil in intent, will ever make it so.
      …. Read ‘ConCision’s poem.
      And Israel has a right to exist and to defend itself against nefarious attacks against it.

      As far as your 2nd comment is concerned, you’re not seriously suggesting that Israel supports the practice of terrorism and organisations like militant Muslims and Islamic fundamentalists do? Otherwise, ‘Enough Said’, any semblance of truth iis again being twisted into another distorted prevarication – as has been done with the ‘apartheid’ lie.

      Maybe one day people will see ‘the bigger picture’….

    • Grant

      Chopper4 – You prove my point perfectly. God gave us this land. 100% right. Are you serious? Where is your title deed? Did God tell you to screw over the people already living there? How do you reconcile that? What form did this communication take? Let me guess, you just obey. Thinking is not required. Faith will win the day. You and people like you are the very root of the problem. So carry on man, keep up the hating and keep convincing yourself you are 100% right and ‘they’ are 100% wrong. Convince yourself that you truly know the other side’s issues.

      Nobody is ‘right’ in this debate and because your oponents think that god gave them the land, just as you do, you have a troop of worshipping zombies prepared to get violent and kill in their god’s name. It is beyond moronic and since neither side seems capable of rational thought, I have no time for the problems that region faces. It is purely of their own making and anyone who takes a side is ignoring something critical to cover up some agenda of their own. For every suicide bomber they send you have some curly headed nutter building a house on their land. For every rocket they fire in impotent rage, you have some assassin offing someone in Dubai. For every stone they throw, you dump a ton of white phosphorus explosive into their squatter camp. You are all mad. You deserve each other.

    • Momma Cyndi


      Wow! OBE?
      Its is called a turn of phrase or a common expression.

    • Charlotte

      @ Enough Said
      “Maybe one day people will see ‘the bigger picture.” ….
      Let’s talk about seeing the smaller picture i.e. the link you referred to when questioning Israeli ‘aggression’ (another lie attributed to this great ‘aggressor ‘- you know, this tiny country – in size, compared with its surrounding Arab countries, as a matchbox is to a rugby field).

      Pictures and videos shown on ‘the small screen’ are not to be taken at face value – as you well know. They are more than often doctored – and, in the case of conflict, completely fabricated for the purpose of propaganda and war-mongering.
      Actors, actresses, even dolls and unrelated video clips are often used to ‘set up scenes’
      Like the ‘Apartheid Lie’, videos like this should not be gullibly swallowed as being authentic.

      Rather listen to the direct, hard-hitting truth being spoken.

    • Enough Said


      Don’t skirt the issue, just answer the question: “Why does Israel burn Palestinians alive with illegal white phosphorus if it is not a terrorist state?


    • Enough Said

      @Charlotte again….

      “The U.N. special rapporteur for human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory, former Princeton University law professor Richard Falk, calls what Israel is doing to the 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza “a crime against humanity.” Falk, who is Jewish, has condemned the collective punishment of the Palestinians in Gaza as “a flagrant and massive violation of international humanitarian law as laid down in Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.” He has asked for “the International Criminal Court to investigate the situation, and determine whether the Israeli civilian leaders and military commanders responsible for the Gaza siege should be indicted and prosecuted for violations of international criminal law.” …….

      Israel’s ‘Crime Against Humanity’

    • Charlotte

      @ Enough Said.
      I am not ‘skirting the issue.’ – and who says they do? Read my comment made at 9 a.m.
      Even the disputable link you gave, gives no proof. Don’t believe all you see – (or hear, I suppose )- although I hope you did listen to the link I gave.

      Israel is neither an Apartheid state nor are they terrorists. (the other ‘Great Lie’).

      Yet, may I ask you to explain why terrorism i.e. 9/ll and all the other atrocities perpetrated throughout The World by Islamic militants, condoned?.. and propaganda like this to make pint-sized Israel out as the ‘big aggressor’? ,Why is it acceptable for Islamic terrorists to draw attention away from their nefarious misdeeds and heinous intentions, by pointing false and outrageous fingers at the country they bombard daily with rockets and wish to annihilate?
      Is the blindness resulting from the indoctrination and intimidation of the Islamic religion, infectious?

      Don’t close your mind to the fact that there is never only one side to a story – especially if that side of the story may be completely untrue.

    • Oldman

      If, as you argue, “the BDS agenda to harm and destroy Israel is typical of all boycott movements in that it apportions blame only to one side“, then it follows that you also believe the BDS sought to destroy SA during the apartheid years. Certainly, a large percentage of the Whites would have agreed, including most Afrikaners, but the years since have shown otherwise. The lesson; dismantle or end Apartheid, discrimination, occupation and the colonization of lands, and the country will become a better place for all to live in. Just as the BDS against Apartheid was not directed against the SAn people but the Apartheid regime, the BDS movement today is directed at Israeli and Zionist institutions that perpetuate the injustices forced upon the Palestinian people.

      The global BDS movement have three goals:
      1. The end the occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and the dismantle of the separation barrier.
      2. Full civil rights and equality, (which they don’t have), to all minorities in Israel, and,
      3. Respecting, protecting and promoting the right of return of Palestinian refugees as per UN R194.

      There is nothing loathsome or despicable about their goals or tactics of the BDS.

    • Chopper4

      @Gary, You have some valid points, however South Africa was and still is one country. When you come to the Israeli/Palestine issue they are 2 different countries. Therefore the scenario is not comparable at all.

      You are correct that a solution can be negotiated, however each time the Israelis put forward a compromise or peace plan. It was rejected by the Palestinians. It was not only rejected, but no counter offer was proposed. Does that sound like true negotiations?

      If you look at history, you will see that Israel has been willing to make some painful compromises when it does not necessarily have to. Israel did not invade any countries, by pure defensive strategy it was able to ward off the Arab armies and capture land. The intent of those Arab Armies including the Palestinians were to push the Jews and not the Zionists or the whoevers…just plain and simple “The Jews” into the sea.

      I would agree that human rights are afforded to all, however when it comes to the Palestinians somehow they are expected to be treated better than anyone in the world even if they start causing sh1t. Israelis should be afforded the same human rights Palestinians expect…however they are not even avoided the basic human right to self defense.

      Maybe you can check when the last time the Palestinian leadership condemned rocket fire on Israeli civilians. Let alone any attack on Israeli civilians.

      I can assure you that where I stand, nothing clouds my judgement. I read the facts and

    • Brent

      Oldman, how about your 2 applying to the West Bank. Leader Abbas has stated that the Palestinain state will not have one single Jewish citizen. Please apply your moral codes equally. Israel as currently constituted has ± 20% full Arab/Muslim citizens, including MP’s and a supreme court judge. Refugees, dont forget the ± 850000 Jewish refugees kicked out of Arab lands after the 1967 war, Just because Israel did what countries have done for ever, their best to integrate them does not absolve Arabs of the crime. To my knowledge the only case in history where host nations have kept refugees in camps permantely are the Arab countries bordering Israel. It is a gross human rights violation and shame on you for supporting these camps just to further Arab political aims. How about a point 4. no more rockets or suicide bombs, kind of makes it easier to start negotitions. Especially if you have been suppressed for 2000 years and live next door to nations who publicly adore Hitler. Brent

    • Chopper4

      Where Israel has been in the wrong, it has apologised. Israel has even sacrificed soldiers’ lives instead of ordering airstrikes. Did that matter? Did that stop the Palestinian education ministry from stopping to print anti-Semitic textbooks? Does that stop the TV networks promoting the hatred of Jews…not Israelis and not Zionists…Jews!

      Israel wants peace, do you actually think they enjoy using over 80% of its annual budget on defense? Do you know that foreign aid to Palestinians is used to pay salaries of terrorists in Israeli Jails? Norway just found that out and they are fuming. What else is making the Norwegians upset is that their funding of TV stations is being used to air libelous shows. Just check out if you want to see what Palestians and other Arab countries air and they are not anti-Israel programs however anti-Semitic.

      Instead of looking at a small and narrow picture…all you need to do is take a few steps back and look at the bigger picture.

      decades of attacks produced the security barrier and the attacks stopped. Gaza terrorist cells rained rockets onto civilian population and then tell Israel get out of Gaza and the rockets will stop…we did that and did the rockets stop? They intensified and because the buffer zone became smaller the range of the rockets grew.

      Abbas asked as a precondition to peace talks to freeze settlement construction..we did that and they never arrived, they instead asked for more freezes…these

    • Brent

      Enough said, charlotts point is that there are thousands of videos/stories coming out of the Middle East conflict most being proved to be propagander so how do you know this u tube is not another one. I read an article a few years back about a high ranking (retired) British officer who witnessed the Operation Cast Lead into Gaza and in his opinion the IDF more than any other army in his experience took took extraordinary measures to keep civilians out of the firing line. Not a easy task as Hamas uses it civilians as shields. Brent

    • Gary Koekemoer

      @ Charlotte given your open mindedness and willingness to consider the other side, let’s take a recent conflict as an example, the 2006 Lebanon War, what is fact what is fiction, who was right and who was wrong in that conflict?

    • Chopper4

      are all stall tactics. Do you realise that Iran is using these exact same tactics and each stall gets Iran closer to a bomb. With the Palestinians it is the same. They choose violence and then when ISrael eventually responds then they go crying to the UN saying massacre, holocaust, genocide, apartheid, ethnic cleansing and the UN gobbles it up. Each time.

      It is impossible that the Palestinians are guilt free…yet they prance around as if they are and by the way some commentators comment here, they would without a shadow of a doubt agree that the Palestinians are guilt free.

      Do you know how many people justify rocket attacks as non-violent resistance? Non-violent??? Do you know that people classify rocket attacks and inaccurate firecrackers! Do you know how many people said the killing of a family or blowing up any Israeli target inside or outside of Israel is justifiable resistance.

      Until the Palestinians denounce their resistance and come to the negotiating table in good faith like the Jordanians and Egyptians did there will be no peace.

      This conflict has nothing to do with so called occupation like the BDS movement will try and propose. The BDS movement has only one objective. That is the eradication of Israel and the creation of only one state…Palestine. Just google “future Palestinian state no Jews”

      Eventually what could happen is the WWII model. annex the whole area and mass deportation and no one wants that! Jordan has plenty of uninhabited area.

    • Chopper4

      @Grant, you know that nothing you said refuted anything I said, all it was, was a hate filled bigoted response. “You and people like you are the very root of the problem”

      That is enough of a statement to categorically state that you are an anti-Semite.

      It is not worth my time to give you any legitimacy.

      Your comment is void of any facts. All you do is apportion the blame on one party…Israel. You dismiss everything that the Arabs have done since the 1900’s.

      All you do is regurgitate example after example, yet what preceded that example? Was their total inaction on the part of the population that got punished?

      You are a waste of a commentator and I have one quote for you for disrespecting my G-d. My G-d is not the same as the god that radical Islam who butchers in its name. We Jews have outlasted all our enemies and one woman who thought she could outlive us is dead(Umm Nidal) So here is the quote just for you” Those who curse You will be cursed and those who bless You will be blessed”. The next time something bad happens to you just remember “I told you so”

    • Enough Said

      Thanks @Oldman.

    • Larry Lachman

      The above commentary is exemplified by the below quote.

      “At the height of a crisis, when perceptions are sharply polarised, people aren’t prepared to question their pre-conceptions. They only see the “evidence” that supports their prejudices.”

    • Alan
    • Chopper4

      @Gary, Hizbullah told Israel to stop occupying Southern Lebanon. Which they did. That should have been the end of the conflict with regards to Hizbullah and the start of peace talks between Israel and Lebanon.

      Then in July 2006 Hizbullah terrorists crossed the border and attacked an army patrol killing 8 soldiers and kidnapping 2….Israel did not provoke or threaten Hizbulllah or Lebanon.

      Israel retaliated and struck hizbullah targets only. They never targetted any civilians. Before they started the airstrikes they telephoned people in Southern Lebanon and dropped leaflets instructing the residents to flee as they were in an area that is full of terrorist activity and that if they stayed they faced the possibility of getting killed.

      Quite a lot of residents listened and left. Israel then started its aerial campaign targeting Hizbullah infrastructure, weapons caches, rocket launchers, hideouts and so on. Israel never struck any other part of Lebanon except Hizbullah.

      Those that stayed behind are not innocent, if most people were able to leave the people that stayed behind did it of their own accord. Yes it is possible that Hizbullah prevented some of them leaving..however if those people died it was not because Israel targeted them. They were in that area due to Hizbullah.

      Gary, you need to understand that the term civilian is a useless word and nowadays when armed conflict does not have people in uniforms, the term civilian can be used to name a dead…

    • Chopper4

      Do you know that death counts by Hizbullah and the Palestinians include terrorists, suicide bombers and other combatants. Which in truth does not give a true reflection of the 100% innocent people getting killed.

      The suicide bomber is not the only guilty party when he/she takes out 100% innocent people.These are the following that hold some guilt: The person who transported them, the person who sewed the suicide jacket, the person who conscripted the suicide bomber, the person that gave the suicide bomber refuge, the person who smuggled the suicide bomber across the border, the person who knew about it and said nothing…now in all these cases are they all 100% innocent civilians? The only one that has minimal guilt is the one that knew something and never did anything. All the rest would be considered accomplices and be considered criminals and not civilians. Therefore those that stay and provide protection for terrorists are just as guilty as the terrorists themselves. If they are forced to be there, then Israel should not be blamed and the terrorists who kidnap these people and force them to be human shields should be blamed.

      However that is not the case, is it? On top of that. not one hizbullah rocket was aimed at an IDF base or military target. Each of the over 4000 rockets were aimed at Israeli population centres and their goal to cause as many human casualties as possible.

      The objective of the Israeli strikes was to cripple Hizbullah,

    • Chopper4

      Which Israel did to perfection. Once Hizbullah see the end is near what do they do? They immediately cry to the UN to stop the massacre, the genocide and the ethnic cleansing. The world react and pressure Israel to stop short of achieving their objective the total destruction of Hizbullah or Hamas as in the Gaza operations.

      You see this has been a thorn in the Jew’s side ever since we left Ancient Egypt. We tend to have mercy on the terrorists and think that they can change their ways which could not be further from reality. We end up stopping fighting and then Hizbullah and Hamas just rearm themselves until the next provocation.

      You will see before any operation Israel initiates, it is preceded by taunting. A bully can taunt and tease his victim for only so much time, before the victim will have that 10 secs of confidence. The victim arises and attacks the bully and the bully cries and the headmaster punishes the bully’s victim.

      How can Hizbullah claim to be the victim when they started? How can Hamas be the victim when they started? Until Hamas and Hizbullah acknowledge and take responsibility for their actions this cycle will continue.

      At present, Hamas is rearming, Hizbullah is rearming, Egypt wants to sever the Peace Agreement and Syria is in shambles. From the evidence it looks like they are getting ready for a new round of violence, they are just waiting for the right moment.

      Yet Israel will retaliate and the UN will step in and tell Israel to stop.

    • Chopper4

      @Alan, The video you posted has nothing to do with discrimination. It has to do with the rule of Law. Did that family not go to Israeli Supreme Court to try and stop anything? Yes they tried and lost. The Supreme court ruled in favour of the Sephardi community centre . The Al-Kurd family was told to pay their rent to the Sephardi community centre, they then refused. So an eviction order was released. That is simple governance. On top of it Al-Kurd family said in 2008 that they owned the house and why should they pay rent. In this new video, the Grandmother says she moved from Haifa to rent an apartment in Jerusalem in 1957. Here there is a conflict, at first she says she owns the house but then says they came to rent in Jerusalem. Now if she owned the house she could have given the deed of sale to her Israeli lawyer and then I am sure the Israeli Supreme Court would have ruled in the Al-Kurd’s favour. The Rabbis of the Sephardi Community Centre showed their deed which was dated 19th century a long time before Al-Kurd Family even moved in.

      Ottoman Law states that the deed is past to next of kin. Which allowed this ruling to go in favour of the 2 Rabbis. Simple facts are there to prove everyone wrong. Even the guys that made this film stated that there have been no evictions since.

      Just goes to show that these activists do not even fight for a just cause. This is a matter which was settled by the court. That is not Apartheid or discrimination.
      Better luck next time…

    • Gary Koekemoer

      @ Chopper 4 see the following reference with regards the Lebanon War of 2006: I am normally skeptical of Wikepedia, but this is a well researched and referenced piece. Points to note, Hezbullah’s capture of two Israeli soldiers after attacking and killing their colleagues was the “trigger”, Lebanese infrastructure (International Airport, bridges and roads) was extensively bombed and damaged, over 100 Israelis died, over 1000 Lebanese, UN estimates that 30% of casualties were children. The war ended inconclusively.
      In my opinion, war was the winner, not Israel, not Hezbullah, it certainly has not reduced the tension, nor brought peace, on the contrary, Hezbullah have been emboldened and the IDF embarrassed, thus expect the next such conflict to be even bloodier?
      Chopper 4, honestly, is this the road to peace? If you look at your post earlier, you didn’t know the extent of the damage. Can you imagine what a Lebanese child who lost a brother or sister in the conflict now feels towards Israel? I imagine something similar to what a child on the Israeli side would feel towards Hezbullah if they lost loved ones. The conflict is only breeding more violence…
      My simple belief is that no political conflict justifies the taking of lives, certainly not that of children, whether they be Israeli children or Lebanese children. There has to be another way to solve this conflict, no?

    • sameold

      This whinger uses the same logic and inane victim mentality that the old guard of the aprtheid system used to do – before they were silenced. It seems that the zionist apologists are their own worst enemies.

      Ben Levitas just shows us that he is on the losing side of history – just like the apartheid supporters used to do. It boggles that they can’t see this.