Avishkar Govender
Avishkar Govender

CR17: The “Top 5″ Sickness

Dear Comrade Govender,

You seem to forget the reality that:-

  • We cannot say, “Top 8″ – because then we’re broke;
  • We cannot say, “Top 7″ – because then we’re dead;
  • We, as the ANC, are saying, “Top 6″ – and we are hoping that you (Victoria Island) will carry us as we pay-off the factions with the 2 spare;
  • We, as CR17, are saying, “Top 5″ – and we are auctioning off the 3 spare to garner support;


  • We are not claiming, “Top 4″ – with 4 on the floor and 4 spare;
  • We are not pushing, “Top 3″ – with a 5 star Beijing-Shanghai spare;
  • We are not touting, “Top 2″ – with last year’s Naija Surprise taking 6 spare; and
  • We are not wysing, “Top 1″ – with a dead 7 spare in tow;

We hope that this explains things clearly.

Yours faithfully,

Luthuli’s Housecoattails

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