Yazeed Kamaldien

Another day of contradictions in Khartoum

Yesterday was one of those weird days showcasing the contradictions in Khartoum. I needed to collect some cash from Western Union. The money was from an Argentinian online journal, paying me for stories that I had done for it. I got to Western Union and the electricity had shut down. Power failure in the neighbourhood….

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Thoughts on life in Khartoum

I can’t talk enough about the absolute kindness i have experienced from the beautiful Sudanese people … so caring, even among themselves; they smile from the heart. It’s that whole African-Arab mix of hospitality, community, compassion, humaneness. I was walking in the street at 2am the other night, went for a night swim at the…

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I think you might like this book …

Title: Beautiful Ugly (African and Diaspora Aesthetics) Edited by Sarah Nuttall Published by Kwela Books It’s difficult to be emotionally complacent when examining what beauty means in Africa, juggling between its oppressive misrepresentation during the colonial period and its redefinition during post-colonial restructuring. Yet, with this book, it’s also easy to comprehend the complexities of…

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It’s not always about chasing deadlines, is it?

This evening I interviewed an artist from Darfur about his evocative paintings. As there are not many gallery spaces in Khartoum, his 16 pieces hung on the light green walls of the apartment of his German friend who has been living in Khartoum for the past two years. She works in the humanitarian sector. We…

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Islamic New Year 1429 … in Sudan

Friday January 11 2008 8.14am Sudan is known worldwide for bloodshed and conflict and corruption. All of that happens. But many other things also happen every day … beyond the headlines. The Muslim world is currently witnessing the first few days of the new Islamic year, 1429. Sudan is a country with an estimated 70%…

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