Ben Cashdan
Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters

An opening ceremony as confused as the British psyche

“We know we’re great, we’re just not sure why.” For me those words sum up a generally strange, occasionally spectacular Olympic opening ceremony in London on Friday. I guess the starting point for opening ceremonies is the desire to be bigger and deliver more prolonged thrills than the previous guy. And if good sex is…

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Mr Mpshe: Here are five better reasons to let Jacob Zuma off the hook

For those of us who simply don’t buy acting NPA director Mokotedi Mpshe’s story about why he dropped the fraud, corruption, money-laundering and racketeering charges against Jacob Zuma, I thought it might be worth considering five more plausible explanations Mpshe might have provided for his decision. 1. Personal betrayal and revenge. An astounding piece of…

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A call for disunity

The South African body politic is sick. And it’s the ANC’s fault. Not because 10 cabinet ministers and the president resigned this week. Not because a motley crew of populists have taken unceremonious control of party and state. And not because all the turbulence has shaved a few percentage points off the rand or the…

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We are true revolutionaries

We don’t care for your Constitutional Court with its pompous judges and overblown constitution. We are true revolutionaries. We say that the protection of human rights is yesterday’s idea and the Human Rights Commission is yesterday’s institution. We have to guard against the forces of darkness hiding in such places. We don’t care for bourgeois…

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Survival guide for SA politicians

Are you a top public servant or politician who occasionally receives wads of cash in excess of R5 000 in unmarked brown envelopes as payment for work done after hours? Do you sometimes prefer to do business in a gentleman’s club? Are any of your close friends renowned drug traffickers? Have you from time to time…

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A look at the leadership

Having gained notoriety last year for our fairly tame “unauthorised” documentary film on Thabo Mbeki, it’s a bit of an anti-climax to finish our most recent film on the ANC succession race, Through the Eye of a Needle, and to realise that there’s no one to ban us this time. Undoubtedly this film would be…

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