Alexander Matthews
Alexander Matthews

Zuma shall govern …

Let’s face it, come April, the great man will be state president.

Rumours abound that the NPA is set to drop the case against old JZ. He must be dancing — it wasn’t necessary for his umshini to be brought to him, after all!

Slavish Zuma loyalists like to paint objections to the man’s accession to the presidency as being bigoted and irrational — more a knee-jerk response stemming from childish abhorrence than from grave reservations about the man’s morality and legal standing.

This slots in neatly with the belief that Zuma must be let off the hook regardless of whether he’s committed any wrongdoing because they claim he’s been viciously persecuted, ensnared in a political conspiracy to prevent him from becoming president.

But even if he has been a victim of Mbeki’s Machiavellian machinations that does not justify absolution. Advocating such a sinister agenda illustrates how absolutely desperate certain elements of the ANC are to ensure that their man gets to the top. So much personal interest is at stake that they will, it seems, quite happily ride roughshod over the judicial system and the very concept of the rule of law and legal processes, which form key components of our constitutional democracy, to ensure that Zuma moves into the Tuynhuys.

The most eloquent articulation of this policy comes from Julius Malema, who, with his trademark profundity, told a rally: “If Zuma is corrupt, then we want him with all his corruption. We want him with all his weaknesses.”

We cannot underestimate the potency and determination of this sentiment, a sentiment effectively endorsed by the ANC because like everything outrageous and anti-democratic that Malema says, it is not contradicted or refuted by the party. And why should it be — when, after all, they agree?

Continuing with Mbeki’s tried and tested methods, the post-Polokwane elite will do everything in their power to ensure Zuma becomes president, using every legal and political avenue at their disposal.

Despite demanding he have his day in court, Zuma and his coterie of backers have tried everything they can to prevent this. Their obstructionist approach only seems to imply that the man is as guilty as he says he isn’t. But guilty or innocent, Zuma needs to face his charges (all 783 of them!) and battle it out in court — as one would expect any other South African to do. There are no excuses, no validity in creating an exception for Zuma.

South Africans who want our democracy to continue and prosper need to challenge this exceptionalism. We cannot give Zuma a free pass, ignoring the rule of law and judicial process, because if we do so we are effectively destroying not only the judiciary’s credibility and constitutionally-mandated powers, but also striking at the very heart of our democratic system. We will be dismantling the very order that people fought for so hard and suffered so much to create.

The survival of our constitutional democracy is at stake.

  • Nad Ko

    I have no doubt that JZ will be the pesident of SAfica after the election – Albeit for a very short while.
    Nobody can escape destiny, not even the ANC or Zuma
    What is in stall for them will come to pass.
    The prophesy was never clear or understandable until after JZ appeared on the scene.

  • Siphiwo Siphiwo

    hands off jacob zuma!!!

  • Robin Grant

    You’ve got it wrong mate. Zuma won’t govern. He will rule South Africa with an iron fist, like the rest of the African Dictators that have preceded him.

  • Tony

    Well written.

  • Lyndall Beddy

    The real cause of the Zuma cult was the media, who slavishly reported on everything he did for 3 years and turned him into a cult figure.

    “There is no such thing as bad publicity”

    The second reason was the perpetuation of the myth that the ANC in exile freed SA. This false version of history is so engrained in the minds of the people that it will take generations for the true history to be written.

    Sensationalist reporting, unqualified junior reporters, tight budgets, lack of specialist reporters etc etc

    Maybe it is a good thing that newspapers are dying.

  • Benzol

    You say: “We cannot give Zuma a free pass, ignoring the rule of law and judicial process, because if we do so we are effectively destroying not only the judiciary’s credibility and constitutionally-mandated powers, but also striking at the very heart of our democratic system.”

    Why not? In Hlope and Motata we have judges who are doing the groundwork for the man.

    Correctional services comes a good second in their parole practices.

    Winnie and travelgate MP’s in Parliament.

    The practice of paying fines on the road with no receipt but a lot cheaper,

    Dishing out food vouchers prior to elections,

    ….what else do you want to hear?

    It all becomes very entertaining, dont you think??

  • Jennifer Lloyd

    I almost can’t breathe waiting for the NPA’s decision. Can it really be that our country is going to sacrifice all those decades of hard work for the sake of one man? Please say it isn’t so.

  • African

    ‘Dream on Deamer’ and once you return from slumberland, by the time reality dawns on April 23, the ANC under the capable stewardship of JZ, would still be in charge of every centimetre of this land, our land. Its either you accept that as being part of your fate Or a grumpy trip (back) to Europe beckons. It can’t be that difficult, could it?

  • NYC Working

    The hatred stems from the ANC’s Victory over what many Whites cherished:Apartheid.When COPE advanced anti-progressive Agenda, whites campaigned suddenly for them amongst their employees in kitchens,Petrol Attendants,farms etc.The enemy:ANC.

    Zuma can as a citizen apply for a stay of prosecution ito the law.Now the columnist pretends he does not know that.I understand when this comes from COPE as they are from crisis to crisis and change what they stand for everyday dependant who they talk to at the time.Do not take them seriuos. Now my issue is that rules must change just because it is Zuma? Why? NPA was invlved in the Mark Thatcher case-Paid a fine no court appearance.DA and yourself were quiet?Angliotti?etc.You are blind you do not even realise when you are biased? This is the reason why the ANC and many blacks in general will not take the DA seriuosly.Now she is more aware of investor sentiments than Manuel if Zuma is not prosecuted?The day the ANC canvass whites seriuosly where will the DA go and obviuosly people like you forget (and will follow suit),Zuma does not.You are attaking the wrong man from Apartheid Hangover.Get out of it and be sober! Read the statutes.You misleading us!

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  • Rory Short

    I think @african and others commenting in the same vein are missing the point.

    A decent country is one in which a just legal system that is efficiently administered exists and in which everybody is equal before the law – no special favours. Granting special favours to JZ undermines the validity of the whole SAfrican legal system in one fell swoop.

  • Nad Ko

    @African – They say ignorance is bliss – very true when it comes to the ANC. I always wondered why education was neglected by the ANC. The reason now is very obvious, because people who are not sufficiently educated do do not think for themselves and thus more susceptible to believe political propaganda and lies. Why is it that some( a relative few though) of you ANC loyalists always have to use Europe and USA as whipping boys?, and yet when hand outs are needed those countries are always the first to approach. I think that your misplaced hatred hinges on an inferiority complex, what else?
    To Quote:” When vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Govt, our country will stand in need of it’s experienced patriots to prevent it’s ruin”. (Samuel Adams)


    We are waiting for the day when Zuma will be announced to be the President of South Africa, so we may celebrate,eat, drink and make merry. Zuma has behumbled himself and God will lift him high, he is the man of the people and down to mother earth.

    Viva Comrade Zuma Viva.

    by: Francisca ‘Mapitso Matsoha