Adam Haupt
Adam Haupt

For Andries Tatane

Paper rights with blood splatters over them.

The new Rorschach test.

What do you see?

I see black empowerment.

I see Strange Fruit


from the tree of Ubuntu.

I see blue is the new black.

What did I do to be so black and blue?

I see Tumi


“My black president does me wrong”

I see them


the song of days long gone

now our freedom’s gone for a song.

— colony

  • Pointless

    *yawn* Your point is?

  • Jacques Swart

    I see fear rampant in the hearts of men tasked with leadership too heavy lies the crown no longer sanctified our lives.

  • Ash

    Very very beautiful Adam, thank you!

  • nguni

    Good poem!

  • Thandinkosi Sibisi

    @ Pointless,

    Do not tell me you do not get the point?Adam is reciting a poem Presumably the author of the poem is someone who goes by the pseudonym”colony”.

    For all I know Adam may well be the person who goes by the pseudonym “colony”. he may equally well not be . I do not know much about “style”nor have I read enough of what Adam has written to “suss out” in either direction.Anyway , that is not he point.

    So what is the point?The point , “Pointless” is that you seem to be clueless as I am about poetry.However, I do not let on lest people suss out that I am as not as smart as I pretend to be.

  • ae

    “My black president does me wrong” So this gives me license to do violent protests as opposed to voting for another president. Violent protests = violent police reactions.

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  • Frustrated Sociolinguist


    What we are dealing here with are “Truly Moving Genres” and the different voice and possibility of agency who searched for basic answers that questions embodied by Andries, that remains unanswered because it was viciously silenced.

    This poem captures the struggle for voice and agency. There are genres of the past that reveal how people were forcibly removed and then there are genres that define today. Andries embodied “My black president does me wrong”.

    Keep your ignorant statements to yourself and recognize that language (verbal/non-verbal) is our own escape to express our humanness, agency and voice. It was Andries’s as well.

    Intellectuals should rise up and fight for those who cannot, through any genre. Andries Tatane was a teacher, someone who imparted knowledge, genres, and he moved the genres to those who cared to grab it, and it moves still. The tyranny of ignorance should be to intellectualize through genre and text. Thank you Adam. We are all moved. We are all Andries Tatane.

  • Krokodil Ngwenya

    Our freedom sold out indeed. It was all in vain. Andries Tatane – Hector Pieterson: Mzansi has gone full circle. It is time for change for real.

  • Gary Stewart

    Clearly people in the townships feel that the political process has not served them well.

    Often their attempts to engage with their councilors leads to nothing. Clearly they are frustrated.

    It is their democratic right to protest. Clearly primary blame should be laid at the councilor for being unable to engage with and deliver services to his/her community leading to built up frustration. And also the police who clearly responded in a unnecessarily heavy handed way.

  • lionel byrne

    Yes ,after seeing a SOUTH AFRICAN BEING SLAUGHTERED BY ”south African police .WE definitely need change This is one government that needs a kick up their rich arses ,they are not for the people but themselves BE WARNED THE PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO TALK …ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  • Brad

    His black and the blue refers to the police, if im not mistaking, police uniforms are blue thus blue is the new black etc etc . . . .

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